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St Cuthbert's Society

Research Fora

Postgraduate Research Fora, hosted by the Society and the Postgraduate Committee, are events at which both postgraduates and SCR members give brief talks on their current research. Anyone from the wider Cuth's community is welcome to attend to hear their research and join in the discussion. Topics have included King Arthur, Molière, galaxy formation, Austrian novels, fellowship among knights and among hobbits, philosophy, and landslides. In the upcoming event ‘One Slide Says It All’, any member of Cuth’s can encapsulate their research in a single image or set of images.These informal sessions allow research students to practice presenting their projects to non-specialists, whilst students discover what SCR members work on and undergraduates gain a better understanding of what research involves.

Upcoming Research Fora

Thursday 15th March 2018

The next Cuth’s Research Forum will be taking place on Thursday 15th March from 7:30pm in the SCR, 12 South Bailey. Anyone from the wider Cuth's community is welcome to attend and join in the discussion.

Our speakers next week will be two MA students:

  • Catherine Stanford from Psychology on 'To Hook or Not To Hook: The Paradox between Tool Use and Innovation in Young Children'
  • Joe Watson from Classics on 'The Master and the Margarita: Roman Pets and their Tombstones'

Light refreshments will be available. Should you have any questions about the Research Forum or would like to present your work at a future one, please contact Helen Clifford, the 2017-18 Postgrad Committee’s Academic Rep:

Past Events


The first Research Forum of the year featured two of our PhD students, John Foxwell (Department of English and Hearing the Voice Project) and Harry Lewendon-Evans (Department of Philosophy), and SCR member and local artist Judy Hurst. John gave a lively talk on the cognitive role that metaphors play in our lives and how this intersected with his work on narratives and the presentation of auditory hallucinations in literature. Harry presented his work on the relationship between scientific models and understanding, looking at how a metaphor view of models could provide a useful way of thinking about the cognitive function of modelling practices. After a short break, we were given a very illuminating presentation by Judy Hurst, whose stunning work draws on a variety of symbolic and metaphorical meanings. Judy took us through some of her recent projects, where she has been inspired by the precision and beauty of mathematical equations and patterns in the natural world.

Cuth's Research Forum

24th October 2017, 19:30, SCR, 12 South Bailey

To be confirmed.

Hosted by the Postgraduate Committee, the Research Fora feature short talks by postgraduates, SCR members and final-year students on their current research. Open to all staff and students.