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St Cuthbert's Society

5x5 Club

We invite recent graduates help improve student life at Cuth’s by joining our 5x5 Cluband donating just £5 per year for the next five years. This will make an immediate difference to Cuth’s students. As a member of our 5x5 Club you will be able to get early-bird tickets to Cuth’s Day and see your name on our website as one of our valued young donors. Crucially, you decide where your money goes. With your donation you can choose to support one of our ongoing campaigns, or specify a different cause close to your heart.

Our 5x5 Club Members

Alastair Barber, 2011

Ben Hamer, 2014

Zenia Selby, 2015

How do I sign up?

To join the 5x5 Club visit our donation page.

Under 'Amount' select 'Other' and type '5' into the box.

Under designation, choose which campaign you would like your money to be used for. If you have no preference, select 'St Cuthbert's Society Annual Fund', and we'll put your donation where it can be of most use. Alternatively, you can select 'other' and then type your own cause into the box.

Under 'Type of gift' select 'recurring gift'.

Then change the frequency to yearly, and then add five years to today's date in the 'ending' box (e.g. '10/01/18 to 10/01/23')

Then fill in the extra details and you're all signed up!