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Durham University

St Cuthbert's Society

Cuth's Careers Angels

Are there things you wish you'd known when you set out into the world of work? Do you wish you'd had someone to ask about a certain career? You are now in a position to offer such advice to current students at St Cuthbert's Society.

We recognise that our alumni are diverse, ambitious and successful, with expertise in just about every career area at local, national and international level.

By becoming a Cuth's Angel you could offer invaluable advice and information to current Cuth's students about your area of employment, making sure that the next generation of Cuthspeople to enter the workplace are better informed and more prepared for what lies ahead, and which route is right for them.

Zenia Selby Angels profile

“Whatever job you do, having a mentor is never a bad thing. I wish I had had someone to advise me, someone to turn to, during my progression into the TV industry - a tough, competitive and nepotistic world. So when I signed up for the Cuth's Careers Angels scheme, I wanted to be the mentor I wish I'd had. It has been a highly rewarding process, meeting people who share an interest in the media industry and giving them tips or connecting them with a network, and all it takes is a few emails or a chat over a coffee!”

Zenia Selby, Classics 2015