St Cuthbert's Society - A College Of Durham University


The Junior Common Room (JCR) consists of members of the student body.  The JCR President represents the views of the students to the college and has responsibility for running the JCR with support from the JCR Executive.  Whilst every student has the right to opt out of the JCR, the college would encourage all students to retain their membership.

The Senior Common Room (SCR) is the responsibility of the SCR President with the support of the SCR Committee.  The Senior Common Room comprises of academic and academic-related staff from the University, alumni and people from the wider community. 

The Fellows are a group of people who have done exceptional work for the college.  It is not an academic position but still held in high regard within the college. The college also supports the work of the University's Institute of Advanced Studies and provides accommodation to visiting academics as and when available.  The title of College Fellow is bestowed on visiting academics.