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St Cuthbert's Society

 St Cuthbert's Society

A-Level Results!

If you have received confirmation from UCAS Track that you have met the conditions of your offer, we'd like to offer a warm welcome to St Cuthbert's Society! Welcome information for new students is now available here, and will be updated regularly between now and the beginning of October. Students who have met the conditions of their offer will also receive information in the post and via email by 21st August. The University's guidance for students who have received their results is available here. Students who have received confirmation that they have met the conditions of their offer may also wish to join the JCR's Facebook group for Freshers arriving in 2017, which can be found here.

Welcome to St Cuthbert's Society

St Cuthbert’s Society is one of the largest and oldest student communities at Durham. Founded in 1888 as an alternative to college living, it still retains that independence of spirit, but now offers its students all the advantages of being a college of Durham University. Cuth’s occupies two sites, with rooms on the historic Bailey and self-catered, modern flats across the river at Parson’s Field. We provide a uniquely flexible range of accommodation and catering options to our diverse student body. Cuth’s offers outstanding opportunities for student participation in sport, the arts and volunteering, which are supported by its exceptionally energetic Junior Common Room, as well as a lively programme of interdisciplinary lectures, careers evenings and events to enhance the academic experience.


IAS Fellow's Lecture: Dr Kathryn Yusoff

6th November 2017, 18:00, Dining Hall

Cuth's is hosting Dr Kathryn Yusoff from Queen Mary University of London during her stay at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Durham. Dr Yusoff will deliver a lecture entitled "Geosocial Strata" and all are welcome to attend.

The Anthropocene is the name given to the massive destratification of the planet (of the earth’s sub-surface, oceans, atmospheres, polar regions etc.). As a new geologic epoch, it prompts analysis of the relations between geologic forces and social practices. Awareness of how social worlds are an effect of and affect geology, rather than a world that is constituted through ‘our’ making (i.e. purely social), suggests an arrangement of power that is complicated by geologic relations. Identifying geologic force as a new regime of power in planetary politics brings the structures of exchange between geologic strata and social worlds into view. If power, according to Foucault, is a relation between forces, “geosocial strata” conceptualizes how stratifications organize and capture forces into political geology. This paper develops a concept of geosocial strata to examine the expression of social forms as a product of geologic forces in the Anthropocene. Geosocial strata, it is argued, are planes of social reproduction that both constrain and enable possible modes of expression (and thus political freedom).

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St Cuthbert's Society
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St Cuthbert's Society
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