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Durham University

St Aidan's College

What to do if...

you would like to speak to a member of the Student Support and Development Team

  • Please do not hesitate to contact College using the following email address:, and one of our team will reply to you (during usual working hours, Monday to Friday). A meeting can be arranged to discuss any support the College can offer you.
  • If you are in College and wish to speak with a member of the team please ask at Reception, or ask at the Support and Development Team offices, to find out if a particular member of the team is available.

you have missed classes/deadlines due to ill health or other reasons beyond your control

  • Always inform your department as soon as possible
  • Download a copy of the Self-Certification of Absence form from the link below.
  • This form will be signed by a member of the Student Support and Development Team and forwarded to the relevant departments.
  • If you have not seen a member of the Student Support and Development Team you may be contacted by them once the form is received.

you are absent from an examination

  • Candidates for examinations are responsible for noting correctly the dates, times and location of their examinations. No special arrangements can be made for candidates who fail to attend for examination at the proper time, if such failure is due to their mistake or inadvertence and not to illness or other serious and unavoidable cause.
  • If you are absent due to ill health please contact the Student Support and Development Team ( immediately and refer to the below guidelines on serious adverse circumstances during the examination period. You should also make an emergency appointment to see your doctor on the day of your absence, or as soon as possible, to gain medical evidence.

you have serious adverse circumstances during the examination period

  • Please contact your department and a member of the Student Support and Development Team (contact details are above) to discuss your circumstances. It would be helpful for you to attend a meeting with College Support Staff, taking with you a draft of your completed Serious Adverse Circumstances form.

you have been diagnosed with or have a suspected infectious disease

  • It is your GP surgery’s responsibility to notify the correct authorities on the diagnosis of an infectious disease. However, please notify your College as soon as you can so the College can take the appropriate precautions and inform relevant departments (where appropriate and necessary to do so). This is required whether you live in or out of College.

- Your full name

- Your date of birth

- Your course

- Your year of study

- Whether you live in or out of College

- The name of the infectious disease

- Whether there has been a firm diagnosis by a doctor or you have just been advised that you may have the disease

  • If you have an infectious disease, take advice about whether you should come into contact with other people.

you discover a fire

  • Raise the alarm immediately by operating the nearest fire alarm
  • Call the fire brigade – 999 from an external phone or 9999 from an internal phone
  • Evacuate the building and congregate at the nearest fire assembly point (opposite the main doors to College for most students).

you have a question not covered on this page

  • Ask us about it using the contact information on this page or by coming into College and asking us directly (it is advisable to make an appointment in advance).