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Durham University

St Aidan's College

Our students say...

“For me, St Aidan’s has been one of the best things about university. The students are great and the staff are always there to help you. There are no two days which are the same given the amount of activity that goes on which makes each day very refreshing- you never know what’s going to happen!”

Richie Wong, BSc Natural Sciences

“When I came to Durham it was with the mindset that I was only there to do a degree; university was a rung on the career ladder and nothing more. Soon after arriving, though, I began to see Durham as my new home and the welcome I found at Aidan's definitely played a large part in that.

Perhaps the best thing about St. Aidan's is that students and staff alike work hard to make it such a good environment - there's a real sense of community, and one that's diverse enough for everyone to find their place in it. My original application to Durham was 'open'; after 4 years as an undergraduate, Aidan's was my first and only choice for my postgrad year, and I'll always look back on my time there with fondness.”

Alex Eccles, Graduate

“I have recently graduated from St. Aidan's College and I feel like I have left a whole family behind! When I initially applied to Durham, I didn't know very much about the college system and it wasn't one of the main reasons why I chose to apply there. However, whenever I am asked about my experience at Durham, it is now always the first thing I talk about! St. Aidan's is an incredibly special college and I feel so lucky to have been part of the warm and relaxed environment it has to offer.

Whilst most people are rather apprehensive about their first day at university, I just couldn't wait to get there. My lack of nerves was mainly due to having attended one of St. Aidan's open days. I remember driving up one of Durham's many hills and seeing lots of Aidanites wearing an array of fancy dress outfits and splashing around with buckets of soapy water. To top things off, I was then greeted by St. Aidan's legendary mascot, the badger.

Students at St. Aidan's know how to work hard and play hard and that's why it's most certainly the best college to be a part of. I am really sad to have left St. Aidan's but I am leaving with lots of incredible memories and lifelong friends. I will never forget the time I spent there - it is a unique place and I know that its future students will also have a wonderful time there. Here's to the next generation of Aidanites! ”

Helen White, Graduate