Durham University

Centre for Social Justice and Community Action


Conference 2013

Tackling ethical challenges in community-based participatory research, 28th February 2013, Durham University

This conference brought together community partners, third sector and government researchers, academics, university research administrators and researchers funders to share experiences and ways of tackling the many ethical challenges in CBPR – including the use and abuse of power, co-authorship of publications, ownership of findings and institutional ethical reviews processes.

Conference programme

Plenary session, powerpoint presentation, Key ethical challenges in CBPR (Sarah Banks et al)

Project outlines from workshops

Film featuring extracts of conference

Ethics Conference Report

Conference / Workshop 2016

New directions in participatory research ethics: Perspectives from UK and USA.

This was a one-day workshop held on Friday 8th July 2016 at St Mary's College, Durham. Itwas attended by 87 people from academic, policy and practice backgrounds. It was organised by the Centre for Social Justice and Community Action at Durham University, UK through its Participatory Research Hub, in partnership with the Action Research Center, University of Cincinnati, USA with funding from the Wolfson Research Institute, Durham University. Keynote speakers were: Mary Brydon Miller (Professor of Educational and Community-based Action Research & Director of the Action Research Center, University of Cincinnati, USA) and Caitlin Cahill (Associate Professor of Urban Geography & Politics, Pratt Institute; founding member, Public Science Project, New York, USA).


Workshop 2017

Visual methods in participatory research: ethical and practical issues in working with refugees and other groups, 24th November, St Mary’s College, Durham

This workshop was organised In collaboration with the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture (CVAC), featuring plenary speakers from Australia with Caroline Lenette (University of New South Wales, Sydney) and Gateshead on belonging among resettled Syrian young people with young people from Syria, Caitlin Nunn (Durham University), Gem Arts, Gateshead Council, followed by a series of practical arts-based workshops

A report on the workshop can be downloaded here.

Workshop 2018

Extending Voice and Autonomy through Participatory Action Research: Ethical and Practical Issues, 16 November 2018, St Mary’s College, Durham.

This event brought together 50 people, including those actively participating in social services, academia and community advocacy to explore the meanings and practice of ‘autonomy’ in participatory action research. The keynote focused on children as research actors, while afternoon workshops focused on working with people through music, ‘mad people interviewing mad people’ and ‘making participation real’ based on a process used with people with learning disabilities. A short report can be found here.