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Ethics Guide

Members of the Centre were involved in developing a set of ethical principles and guidelines for community-based participatory research. This was the result of two community-university partnership research projects funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council under the Connected Communities programme. Following extensive consultation with members of community organisations, academic and other researchers, a final version of the guide was published by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement in November 2012. It is now widely used in the UK, particularly in the Connected Communities programme, as well as internationally. The guide has also been published in an easyread version suitable for use by people with learning disabilities and children in both English and Welsh.

Community-based participatory research - A guide to ethical principles and practice.

EasyRead version of the above document: Doing research together: How to make sure things are fair and no one is harmed.

Welsh version of Doing research together. (Gwneud ymchwil ar y cyd: Sut i wneud yn si┼Ár bod pethau’n deg ac nad oes neb yn cael niwed)

EasyRead introduction to CBPR: What is doing research together?

Welsh version of What is doing research together? (Beth yw gwneud ymchwil ar y cyd?)

Video introducing the ethics guidelines, made at Connected Communities Showcase, London, 12 March 2013

Feedback - We would be very interested to receive feedback on the ethics guide. If you have used the guide, or any of the other materials, do let us know how this helped you, and also suggest any ideas for improvements or additional materials.If you are interested in joining our follow-on study, please email: socialjustice@durham.ac.uk