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Department of Anthropology: Parent-Infant Sleep Lab

 Parent-Infant Sleep Lab

The Parent-Infant Sleep Lab is a Department of Anthropology research lab, and a research centre of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Health and the Wolfson Institute for Health & Well-being. It is the home for a group of researchers examining various aspects of infant and child sleep and parenting behaviour. The lab itself was opened in 2000, while the research programmes it houses have been in operation since 1995. The Sleep Lab provides opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to become involved in our research, and we welcome enquiries. As our research team has grown our research focus has broadened to cover infant and child sleep ecology, sleep development, sleep safety, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), parental sleep, night-time infant care, feeding practices, thermal care and infant thermoregulation during sleep, twin infant sleep behaviour and physiology, postnatal ward environments and maternal-infant sleep, cross cultural infant care practices, and the evaluation of interventions affecting parental and infant sleep. We collaborate with academics from a wide range of disciplines around the world, and with a variety of research users. We created and run the Infant Sleep Info Source website for parents and health professionals in order to make academic infant sleep research findings available to parents and health professionals.


Participants needed for new study (CoSI)

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Can you help with infant sleep research from the comfort of your home? Dr Charlotte Russell is interested in cortisol development and sleep in breastfed babies. She now needs volunteers with new-born babies roughly located between Newcastle and York to make this research happen. See attached details and email if you'd like to know more. See

(12 Dec 2016)

Volunteers needed for Swaddle Study

study details

New study commencing in Durham Parent-Infant Sleep Lab on the effects of swaddling on breastfed babies' sleep and feed behaviour. Please share with new mums and mums to be in NE England! See for more details.

(1 Dec 2016)

Professor Ball appointed as Chair, Scientific Committee, Lullaby Trust

Professor Helen Ball has accepted the Honorary position as Chair of the Lullaby Trust's Scientific Commiittee for the next 3 years. This role will involve proposing and implementing the Trust's 10-year Research Strategy, Chairing meetings of the Scientific Committee (which includes the awarding of research funding) and representing the Lullaby Trust at International Scientific Meetings.

(10 Oct 2016)

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