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Extra-Curricular Opportunities at Durham

There's a lot more to university than academic study. Students have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities, from sports to music or theatre and lots more! There are tons of things to do in your spare time, whether that's trying out something completely new or continuing with one of your passions. You can even use this is a chance to improve your leadership skills as all of our sports and societies are student-led and need organisers to ensure everything runs smoothly. This means you could be a captain, president, treasurer, director and even more!

You can read about some of the different opportunities available to Durham University students using the information and links below.

My sports and societies at Durham

My sports and societies at Durham

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Hear from one of our students, Ruby, talking about the extra-curricular activities she’s involved with at Durham. If you’d like to see more resources, please visit our website: (Music credit:


Sport at Durham is very inclusive and acessible, no matter what level you are. That's because as well as the University's main teams, known as Team Durham, each of our colleges also offers a variety of sports opportunities too. If you play for Team Durham, you would play against other universities in competitive leagues. Within Durham, the colleges also have their own leagues and competitions between one another. So if you just enjoy a kickabout for fun, or you want to play nationally, there is a level for you. It's not just your ordinary sports either! You can try something new like fencing, underwater hockey or ultimate frisbee. More than 75% of students at Durham are involved in some kind of sport. As well as the exercise and fun social side to sport, these experiences can teach you lots of skills you will need when you graduate!

Team Durham:  Performance, Participation, Partnership

Team Durham: Performance, Participation, Partnership

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Societies can also be referred to as the 'extra-curricular' part of university. If you have a hobby or activity you enjoy doing in your spare time, Durham probably has a society for it! A society is a group of people who come together to share time and experiences within a particular interest - it's a bit like being part of a club! There are more than 200 societies within Durham Students Union, and all of these have been set up and lead by students. If there isn't a society for the thing you enjoy, you can always start it up while you're at Durham. From music to drama, from Harry Potter to gaming, and from baking to crafting, there's so much to choose from. Some of our students choose to be part of multiple societies to meet their multiple interests too. On top of the fun and social aspect of joining a society, these experiences can teach you lots of skills you will need when you graduate!


Volunteering can be a very rewarding acitivity to do in your spare time. There are plenty of opportunities to support the community in Durham and the local area. Whether it's working with children, the elderly or helping the environment - there's something for you! You can also participate in challenges and events to raise money for charity with our student charity group DUCK. Students have travelled all over the world on expeditions and activities to raise money for good causes! On top of the good feeling you get when you volunteer, these experiences can teach you lots of skills you will need when you graduate!

Part-Time Jobs

While studying at university, some students choose to have a part-time jobs to earn a bit of extra income. Durham University offers a variety of jobs within the university such as working in the library, college shops or working as a Durham Student Ambassador (DSA). In Durham City, and the surrounding areas, there are also many opportunities for employment in places such as shops, restaurants and bars. On top of earning money, a part-time job can be beneficial as it can teach you lots of skills you will need when you graduate!

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