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Postgraduate Research Conversations

"The Postgraduate Research Conversations were the first time I had spoken to a group of people about my research. The positive reception and the insightful questions that my presentation received helped to substantially form a later conference presentation, as well as my work more broadly."

CNCS Postgraduate Research Conversations offer a friendly supportive environment for students to present their research to an audience with a wide range of related knowledge. They are an ideal forum for postgraduates to propose new ideas in their research, give a draft of a forthcoming conference paper or receive feedback for an article going to publication.

The Research Conversations have been an invaluable resource for postgraduates to share research from the preliminary to the published stage. This unique form of collaboration has allowed postgraduates to review their work in an interdisciplinary research environment and realise the potential of their research.

Papers given at these events have led to papers given at conferences including the British Association of Victorian Studies Annual Conference and the British Assocation of Romantic Studies Annual Conference.