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NEURACLIN is a network of North-East based Neuroscience and Research oriented Academics and Clinicians. The aim of this network is to bring Academics and Clinicians together, with a view to making it easier to share ideas and practice, to disseminate results, and to collaborate on research projects.

We envisage that NEURACLIN will focus on memory-affecting disorders, including but not limited to Dementias and Epilepsy. Research themes in NEURACLIN speakers’ conference talks include: early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease; social impairment in dementia; inflammation and amyloid imaging in Lewy Body dementia; overlapping pathology in dementias; mechanisms underlying epilepsy; tasks for Accelerated Long-term Forgetting in temporal lobe epilepsy.

Current members are based in Durham, Newcastle, York, Sheffield, Leeds, and Bradford. The North-East is broadly defined for our purposes, and membership can be extended to those outside the North-East.

The organisation of NEURACLIN is led by Dr Colin Lever and Dr James Dachtler (Psychology Department, Durham University), and Dr Stephen Evans (NHS South Tees, James Cook University Hospital).

NEURACLIN holds an annual conference in September.

The NEURACLIN 2016 conference took place on September 20th in the Psychology Department, Durham University.
The NEURACLIN 2017 conference took place on September 20th in James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough.
The NEURACLIN 2018 conference will take place on September 17th in the Joachim Room of the College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham University

The Keynote speaker at the 2018 conference will be Dr Hugo Spiers of UCL.

Hugo’s talk is ‘Developing a diagnostic test for Alzheimer’s dementia and insights to human navigation - The Sea Hero Quest Project.’ Hugo will talk about his research involving the development of a mass online citizen science project with virtual navigation game to create an early diagnostic for Alzheimer’s dementia. The talk will cover insights gained from collection data from millions of participants and recent work stemming from this with clinical populations.

Contact Details

Psychology Department
Durham University
Science Laboratories
South Road

Dr Colin Lever
+44 (0) 191 334 3260