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Department of Psychology

Clinician Portal

As part of the DREX training we have also created a free webservice for clinicians which can be found here By registering with this service you can refer service users to the DREX training and monitor their progress and improvement. When you sign up to the clinician portal, you will be granted a Clinician I.D. which can be found on the top right of the screen after registering. When referring a service user, this Clinician I.D. can be typed into the patients app in the settings menu. After this has been completed this app users details will be linked to your clinician account and you can monitor their progress and even select the number of trials that can be completed in a single block after liaising with the service user.

Using the Clinician Portal

1. Portal Home Screen

Below is the home screen of the clinician portal. To register an account click on the ‘Register here’ button circled below.

Clinician Portal Home Screen

2. Registration

The details required to register an account are your full name, an email address, a password and the details of where you work. Type this information in the appropriate section.

Clinician Portal Registration

3. Account Verification

After registering an account you will see the below message. You will need to await a verification email before you can log in.

Registration Message

4. Terms and Conditions

After your account has been moderated and accepted you will be able to log in using the email and password you entered when registering.
In order to access the portal you will be required to accept the terms and conditions. You can read these terms by scrolling down the page and clicking the “I accept” button circled at the bottom of the screen.

Terms and Conditions

5. Clinician Dashboard

The below screenshot is the dashboard of the clincian portal and where app users will appear once they are connected with you. Circled in the top right of the screen is your unique clinician I.D. This code should be given to your patients in order for them to connect with you.

Clinician Dashboard

6. In-App Settings

In the settings of the the patients own DREX app, your clinician I.D. can be input into the space circled. Then click “check” to proceed with a connection.

DREX App Settings

7. App Settings Check Box

After clicking “Check”, a box should appear informing the app user that they will be connecting with you. Click “Ok” to proceed with the connection.

DREX App Settings Check Box

8. Clinician Dashboard

After the app user has completed Step 8 and 9, they will appear on the clinician’s dashboard. You can export data from the dashboard by clicking on the “Export CSV” button circled below.

Clinician Dashboard

9. App User Summary

By clicking on the patient in the dashboard you will be taken to a summary page about that patient. This will contain the details that the patient entered when they download and register on the app, such as the cause of their visual loss and the type of visual loss they suffer. This page also includes an overview of their assessment and training data, which you can export by clicking on the “Export CSV” buttons below each overview.

App User Summary

10. Documents to Send

Importantly, this page also contains a document to send to this patient to confirm that they want to share their data with you. This document is available in 2 forms; an email letter and a hand-signed letter, both can be downloaded by clicking on the links circled.

The “Document to send via email” should be emailed to patients. If no response is received from patients informing you that they do not want to share their data with you within two weeks then it is assumed that the patients knowingly linked their DREX account with yours.

The “Document to give in person” requires the patient to sign and date the slip at the bottom of the page to confirm that they are happy to share their training data with you.

After sending these documents please click the button at the bottom of the screen confirming that these documents have been sent.

Patients can request to disconnect from you at any time.

Documents to Send

11. My Account

You can amend the details of your account at any time by clicking on the “ My Account” tab and altering the details you entered when you first registered. Click the “Update account button circled below to save any changes you make.

My Account Settings

12. Logout

To exit your account you can click the “Logout” button circled below to leave your account.


If you would like to download this guide click on the pdf link below.


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