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Department of Psychology

Developmental Science

Durham University Developmental Science Research Group is a thriving research centre comprising Academic Staff as well as PhD students, Research Assistants, Research Fellows and Teaching Fellows. Our work is published in leading peer-reviewed academic journals and featured in the international press.

Our research ranges from the basic to the applied, and from infancy to adolescence. Projects include foetal development; sensory and spatial skills; visual attention in the classroom; and decision-making in adolescence. We study both typical development and atypical development (e.g. Autism Spectrum Disorder, Williams syndrome). We use cutting-edge new technologies including Virtual Reality, motion capture, eye-tracking and 4D ultrasound scanning as well as traditional measures of behaviour and cognition.

Through our MSc programmes we have a large cohort of students who study aspects of Developmental Psychology , Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, and Developmental Psychopathology.

We conduct our research here in our child-friendly laboratories, as well as in local schools. We are looking for volunteer families to take part in our studies – this can be a fun trip taking as little as 30 minutes of your time. Studies are always presented as fun games for children. You can find out more about our current research projects and volunteer to take part. See also the links on the left of this page.


Durham Developmental Group 2016


Research Staff

Dr Ben Alderson-Day

Dr James Negen

Dr Laura Coulthard

Laura Bird

Teaching Staff

Dr Adam Goody

Dr Blossom Fernandes

PhD candidates

Marie Alkan

Diane Austry

Emily Grew

Emine Gurbuz

Elizabeth Jones

Reneta Kiryakova

Hoshiar Muhammad

Rachel Mowbray

Rebecca Wedge-Roberts