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Open World Research Initiative (OWRI)

News, Events & Announcements Archive

January - June 2018

3-5 May 2018

Dr Guzel Yusupova presents paper 'Demotion of the Second State Languages in the Russian Ethnic Republics: Resistance from Below' in the panel 'National Identities Viewed from Inside-Out' at the 23rd ASN World Convention, Columbia University, New York.

16 April 2018

Professors Stephen Hutchings, Yaron Matras, Catherine Davies, Andy Byford and Anoush Ehteshami.present position papers on the future of Modern Languages at the conference Our Uncommon Ground: Modern Languages and Cultures in the 21st Century, Durham, 16-18 April 2018.

15 April 2018

Dr Polina Kliuchnikova presents paper 'Language Provision Activism for FSU Migrants in Russian Cities' in the panel on Russian in the City: Transnational Linguistic Encounters at the BASSEES annual conference, Cambridge, 13-15 April 2018.

14 April 2018

Professor Stephen Hutchings and Vitaly Kazakov present the paper ‘From Russophone to Russophobe: Eurovision 2017 and Russian-speaking Social Media Audiences in the Age of the ‘Information War’, in the panel 'Russia and the "Information War": The Role of RT' at the BASSEES annual conference, Cambridge, 13-15 April 2018.

9-10 April 2018

Dr Polina Kliuchnikova presents paper 'FSU Migrants on their 'Audibility' in Russian Urban Environments: Self-reflection, Communication Patterns and Performing Migrant Voices' at the Urban Linguistic Diversity conference, Institute of Linguistics RAS (Moscow, Russia).

1 April 2018

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin appointed as COFUND International Junior Research Fellow to work on the project 'The Meeting of the "Finno-Ugric" and "Russian Worlds": National Minorities on the EU-Russia Border'.

26-27 March 2018

Dr Polina Kliuchnikova presents paper '"Language Borders" as Experienced by Post-Soviet Migrants in Russia', at the Language and Border: Rethinking Mobility, Migration and Space conference (Bristol University).

26 March 2018

Dr Guzel Yusupova takes part in the workshop 'Russia’s 2018 Presidential Elections through the Regional Lenses' at King’s College London.

23 March 2018

‘Mutations in Citizenship’: Activist and Translational Perpsectives on Migration and Mobility in the Age of Globalisation (Kanaris Theatre, Manchester Museum, Manchester), featuring paper by Dr Polina Kliuchnikova on 'Testing Linguistic Competence of Would-be Citizens in the Russian Federation'. See the event's webpage.

21-22 March 2018

International Symposium on Translingual and Transcultural Studies (College of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University, Zijingang Campus, Hangzhou, China), co-organised by Dr Qing Cao, with the participation of Professor Claudia Nitschke and Dr Francisco-J. Hernández Adrián.

13 March 2018

Dr Konstantin Zamyatin (Helsinki University), Language Policies in the Finno-Ugric Republics of Post-Soviet Russia:When Language Revival Fails?, in the Language & Identity in the Post-Soviet Space seminars (Durham, 4pm).

9 March 2018

Against the National Project: Memory and Mobility in Contemporary Colombian Cinema, part of the Transnational Cinemas seminars (MLAC, ER1, A29, 1pm-3.30pm).

5 March 2018

Dr Guzel Yusupova gives introductory talk on 'Revisiting Theories of the Nation: Complexity and Nationalism' at the Winter Academy (Revisiting the Nation: Transnational Contact Zones in Eastern Europe), New Europe College, Bucharest, 26 Feb - 7 Mar 2018.

2 March 2018

Dr Guzel Yusupova presents her project 'The Revitalization of Minority Languages in the Russian Federation: Authoritarian Statehood, Inter-Ethnic Solidarity and the Digital Media' at the Winter Academy (Revisiting the Nation: Transnational Contact Zones in Eastern Europe), New Europe College, Bucharest, 26 Feb - 7 Mar 2018.

28 February 2018

Dr Polina Kliuchnikova presents her project 'Language Border: Russian in FSU Migration' at the Multilingual Manchester research seminars.

26 February - 1 March 2018

Dr Polina Kliuchnikova visits Manchester to learn about the city's initiatives in English-language provision for migrants associated with the Multilingual Manchester project. See report.

22 February 2018

Professor Gisèle Sapiro (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris), gives seminar+lecture on Literary Translation as a Vehicle of Intercultural Exchanges, part of the Translation Repositioned seminar series (MLAC, ER1).

21 February 2018

Dr Dan Hartley (University of Leeds), 'The Politics of Style: Towards a Marxist Poetics', Body, Text, Nation seminars (MLAC, ER1, A56, 5pm).

8 February 2018

Dr Abir Hamdar’s play Wasafuli al-Sabr ( I am waiting for you; وصفولي الصبر) performed as opening event of BBCC-6: Annual Beirut Breast Cancer Conference, marking World Cancer Day (NKBCI, AUBM, Saab Medical Library).

5 February 2018

Roundtable: The Troubled Triangle of the Islamic State, Iran, and Syria, in collaboration with Chatham House (2.15-5pm, Lindisfarne Conference Centre, St Aidan's College, Durham). See abstracts. Listen to the audio podcast.

1 February 2018

Dr Qing Cao gives lecture 'The Transmission of Political and Cultural Ideas in China's Modern Press' at the China Media Centre, University of Westminster.

31 January 2018

Dr Cécile Bishop (NYU), 'Photography, Race, and Invisibility: The Liberation of Paris, in Black and White', Body, Text, Nation seminars (MLAC, ER1, A56, 5pm).

25 January 2018

Professor Galin Tihanov (Queen Mary, University of London), World Literature, War, Revolution: Viktor Shklovsky’s Sentimental Journey (4.30pm, MLAC, Durham University, ER, A29).

18 January 2018

Dr Qing Cao gives lecture 'The Late Qing Press Debate and Its Impact on Modern China' in the Global Sinology Lecture Series at the Centre for Chinese Studies, National Library, Taipei, Taiwan.

Professor Lara Ryazanova-Clarke chairs discussion with Dina Iordanova (St Andrews), Alexandra Smith (Edinburgh) and Anne Liebig (Edinburgh), following the screening at Cineworld in Edinburgh of the sci-fi movie Attraction (IMAX, dir Fedor Bondarchuk), an allegory on the topic of migration.

17 January - 21 February 2018

Dr Guzel Yusupova offers a special, OWRI-affiliated and cross-departmental, six-week seminar course Nation-building in Contemporary Russia: Policy Analysis (Wednesdays, 2-4pm, Durham University, ER148).