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Natural Sciences

Entry Requirements

Firstly, you need to satisfy the General University Entrance Requirements

Specific Requirements for Natural Sciences

In addition to the general requirements, you should note the following:

1. You will need three A-levels (excluding General Studies and Critical Thinking) or equivalent with at least one of these in a Science (Biology; Human Biology; Chemistry; Mathematics; Physics.) The standard offer is A*AA at A-Level and based on your subject interests declared at the point of application, you wiil need specific A-level grades to study:

  • Biology: A in either Biology or Chemistry.
  • Chemistry: A*A in Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Computer Science: A in Mathematics.
  • Economics: A in Mathematics.
  • Mathematics: Either A*A in Maths and Further Maths at A-level or A* in Maths plus A in AS Further Maths for students unable to take A2 Further Maths.
  • Physics: A*A in Maths and Physics.

However, you will not need specific grades to study Group 2 subjects (Anthropology, Business, Earth Sciences, Geography, Philosophy) and Psychology as part of your degree. Applicants studying Group 3 subjects (Education and Sport) need no specific grades. The A* requirements above are typically aligned with the home Department entry requirement.

2. On the UCAS form (see advice), students select no less than two and no more than four subjects that they might want to study in rank order of preference. When a candidate is made an offer the first two preferences are used, with the specific A-level entry grades associated with those preferences, to construct the A-levels entry requirement. These preferences do not tie an applicant to studying these subjects within Natural Sciences. Failing to specify Chemistry as one of the first two preferences will result in the applicant being unable to study Chemistry while at Durham.

3. We welcome applicants taking other Home, EU and other international qualifications, see the equivalencies documents. Specifically, where students are taking the International Baccalaureate and state either Mathematics or Physics in their first two preferences the offer will be 38 points to include 766 in Higher Level Subjects, with the 7 being in Higher Level Maths in the case of Mathematics and Maths or Physics in the case of Physics. For other applicants, the offer will be 38 points to include 666 in Higher Level Subjects. Note: where an A-level in Mathematics is required applicants will require a 6 in Higher Level Mathematics.

4. These requirements are aligned with the home Departments entry requirement.

5. We also consider mature applicants with other formal qualifications or appropriate experience and abilities.

For more information about the Natural Sciences degree programme, please contact:

Dr. James Blowey
Deputy Head of Faculty
Faculty of Science Office
Level 3 Chemistry Building
Durham University

Tel: 0191 334 1014
Fax: 0191 334 1018

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