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Durham University

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences Freshers - Choosing your modules - Step 4

At this stage you would check whether your choice of modules fit in the timetable. We have a timetable checker where you select the modules in which you are interested and the checker will display their times and whether they fit together. To access the checker, select the 2019-20 Timetable link in the right menu. To work out how the timetable checker works, select Help on the timetable checker page. You should note that

    • Many modules will have alternative tutorial and/or practical times. To work out how many tutorials and practicals you have to attend, you should look at the page describing the module and the the number of hours of each activity are displayed in a table near the bottom of that page (to find the description of the module, go to the subject in the right menu and then click on the module name. If the module is not a major contributor to the Natural Sciences programme, clicking on the appropriate link on the right hand side of this page in the subject you are interested in studying - select the Level 1 modules in the subject and then click on the module code. An alternative method of working out how many tutorials and practicals you might have is to click on the module or subject code once you have entered the module into the timetable grid. Currently not all departments have implemented this feature
  • All lectures are compulsory and lectures in different modules must not clash otherwise you cannot take the modules. If the number of clashes is very very small (no more than 5 in the whole academic year), then permission may be given for you to take those modules, but you will have to accept responsibility for copying up any notes and becoming aware of any announcements that are made in the missing lectures. DO NOT assume that such permission will be granted - please check with me because ultimately I will need to tell the timteabling team of your desire so that you can build up your modules in DUO.

The following link takes you to a web form, which enables you to send us your preliminary choice of modules. We'll provide feedback via email. You can change your mind and submit a replacement choice of modules up until Thursday 19th September 2019.

Use the web form to submit your choice of modules

Known clashes which you will need permission to take:

If you have a query please give me a ring on the number at the bottom of this page