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Durham University

Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences Freshers - Choosing your modules - Step 3

Having chosen your subjects and made some decisions about what options you would like to have at the end of your first year, you now need to think about choosing how you are going to distribute your 120 credits between your subjects.

The most flexible combination is a 40+40+40 combination (that is two modules in each of three subjects), but you can choose other combinations such as 60+60 or 60+40+20 or 80+40 or 80+20+20. It is possible to do 4 subjects, but in that case you will spread yourself very thin and make life difficult for yourself.

You can see the modules available within the twelve subjects that are the main contributors to the Natural Sciences programme by clicking on the subject list in the menu in the right column.

You can select modules provided you have the appropriate background knowledge. This is known at Durham as having the appropriate prerequisites. You must also satisfy any corequisites (that is modules that must be taken in parallel) and any excluded combinations (that is modules that cannot be taken together). You also need to take care that modules are not tied (to degree programmes that exclude Natural Sciences CFG0/FGC0.)

Remember that you can also take modules from any subject across the University (such as a language) as long as you have the right prerequisites (many modules have no prerequisites), but remember that at least 50% of your modules over the time you are at Durham must come from the following subjects

Computer Science
Earth Sciences

You can see the Level 1 (first year) modules from subjects that are not a major contributors to the Natural Sciences programme by clicking on the appropriate link on the right hand side of this page in the subject you are interested in studying.

If you have a query please send an e-mail from some previous correspondence.

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