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Combinations of modules must fit in the timetable, so how is the timetable constructed ?

The University timetable is built from scratch every year, so in general if a combination of modules works in one year, there is no certainty that it will work in the following year. However, the University does build in certain combinations that must fit together in the timetable. From the point of view of Natural Sciences, these guaranteed combinations are the BSc and MSci Joint Honours degrees and are shown on those individual webpages. So for instance, we have a BSc in Biology and Geography and a BSc in Biology and Physics, so for either of these two pairs, there will be at least one combination of modules that will work in the timetable for each year of the degree programme. However, you should be aware that just because Biology works with Geography and Biology works with Physics, that this does not imply that Geography works with Physics.

You should also note that we do not make any guarantees about combinations of modules that cross levels. For instance, for the Joint Honours degree in Biology and Chemistry we guarantee that the appropriate Level 1 modules in Biology and Chemistry fit together. The same is true for the approprate Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4 modules. However, suppose you took Chemistry in year 1, but not Biology and then in the second year wanted to combine Level 2 Chemistry with Level 1 Biology modules. There is no guarantee that such a combination would fit together and even if it did we would not be able to guarantee that the following year that Level 3 Chemistry modules would fit with Level 2 Biology modules

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