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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a placement degree?

A qualified yes! A placement is a great opportunity to learn new skills in the workplace, looks good on your CV and aids your "employability". It is taken in-between year 2 and final year and consists of paid employment for at least 40 weeks with an employer in a subject aligned with your chosen subjects of study. For example students studying Bioscience or Chemistry may carrying out a research project for a drug company or work for a science consulting firm. Students studying Computer Science may work for an IT firm. There are various types of employers: hospitals, financial institutions, small biotech companies, research institutes, and large industrial companies.

It is students responsibility to secure a placement opportunity but Natural Sciences are happy to guide students along the way to help in the search and to advise.


  • Placement positions must be approved by Natural Sciences and must take place in the UK for insurance and health and safety purposes.
  • The BSc in Natural Sciences degree with Placement is only available to students completing a BSc degree, not the MSci.
  • Students may only be registered for the Placement degree once the placement has been secured by the student and approved which is at the end of Year 2.
  • When students pass the Placement Year a suitable title appears on the degree certificate.