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Durham University

Natural Sciences

What pathways can I follow as I'm not doing Maths this year?

If you aren't doing A-level Mathematics, Higher Level IB Mathematics or equivalent in an alternative qualification, then we'd still welcome your application ... see at the bottom for some very specific future entry requirements relating to Higher Level IB Mathematics. Dependent on your background and meeting the admissions requirements, the subject pathways that you'd be able to take would be:

At least one from: Biology; Earth Sciences; Psychology; constituting at least 50% of your degree and you could, if you wished although there would be no compulsion, take some Anthropology; Business; Geography; Philosophy; Education; Sport.

Whether subjects timetable nicely will be discussed in an FAQ elsewhere coming soon, but the popular paired combinations of:

will work.

Note that Higher Level Mathematics Applications & Interpretation is not suitable for applicants who wish to take a Mathematics or Physics pathways through Natural Sciences.