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Durham University

Natural Sciences

What Foundations degrees are suitable for a Natural Sciences degree?

One size doesn't fit all and whether your foundation degree is suitable for Natural Sciences entry depends on the pathways that you'd like to follow. Firstly, you'd need to satisfy the equivalency requirement of our typical offer as well the equivalency of the Requirements and Admissions part. Below are two examples:

  • For instance, if you want to read for the BSc in Computer Science and Mathematics within the Natural Sciences programme then taking a Foundation Computer Science degree would not be sufficient as it wouldn't prepare you for Mathematics, but a Foundation Mathematics programme might be good enough as long as it covers the content associated with AS-level Further Mathematics that is needed in the Requirements and Admissions for the Mathematics pathway within Natural Sciences.
  • As a general rule, if Requirements and Admissions need applicants to hold qualifications in two different A-levels or Higher Level IBs which are different then in all likelihood the Foundation course would not be suitable, e.g. if you wanted to read for a BSc in Biology and Physic within the Natural Sciences programme and was taking a Foundation Physics programme then no Foundation programme would be suitable unless there was a suitable prior qualification in either Biology/Chemistry.