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Durham University

Natural Sciences

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have attempted to answer some of the frequently asked questions by people considering applying to Natural Sciences at Durham. As the options within the degree are difficult to explain, we have prepared an example. If you have a question that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to send us an email and we shall reply to you very quickly.

This website is too complicated, can you give a simple explanation?

About which subjects I can take ...
Can I take Mathematics if I have not done either AS or A2 Further Mathematics?
Why does Chemistry require Mathematics A-level (or equivalent)?
What pathways can I follow as I'm not doing Mathematics A-level or equivalent this year?
Why would I want to study Philosophy as part of Natural Sciences?
Can I take modules from any subjects which do not contribute to the Natural Sciences programme?
Combinations of modules must fit in the timetable, so how is the timetable constructed?
Can I take sufficient Psychology modules in order to be eligible for graduate membership of the British Psychology Society?
Is it possible to change the shape of your degree at the end of the first year?
Are there compulsory modules or modules just for Natural Sciences?

About the options within the degree ...
Can I start a new subject in Year 2?
Can I take a Year Abroad?
Can I get academic credit for an internship?

About completing my UCAS form ...
Do I need to put the subjects I am thinking of studying on my UCAS form?
Does the order of subjects on my UCAS form matter?
What do I do if I am applying to read fundamentally different degree and my personal statement isn't suitable?
What are you looking for in a personal statement?
Should I apply twice, once for M.Sci. and the B.Sc. degree to increase my chances of an offer?
Should I apply twice, once for each different subject combination I want to study?
What are the implications of where I put Chemistry on my list of subject choices?

About the decision ...

What is Natural Sciences policy on students who resit a qualification?
What is Natural Sciences policy on students taking a gap year?
Why is Chemistry more competitive than other subjects?

What is Natural Sciences attitude if I am not taking all Science subjects?
Does Natural Sciences collect UMS marks or use the TMUA?

About the offers ...
How is the offer constructed?
How are offers for Foundation degree students constructed?
Do you have any information for dedicated information for offer holders?

About how I will be assessed ...
Will my first year marks count towards my final degree classification?

The University Recruitment and Admissions Team has also prepared answers to a more general list of frequently asked questions.