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Durham University

Natural Sciences

Year 4 within Natural Sciences studying a Single Subject

There are two ways of obtaining an M.Sci. in Natural Sciences.

The first method is to take modules in the fourth year from more than one subject (three subjects is the maximum), but which do not fit the pattern of an M.Sci. "Joint Honours" degree within Natural Sciences. This can be difficult to arrange because of the timetable and it needs to be planned carefully with annual individual meetings with the Director.

The second method is to aim for taking all your modules in a single subject in the fourth year. This is the only year within Natural Sciences that it is possible to take all your modules in a single subject. This page details the requirements in earlier years, but your plans should be discussed annually with the Director of Natural Sciences in an individual meeting. Note that all final-years in Biology or Psychology are not available.

You should note that in all M.Sci. degrees, all modules selected in the fourth year must be Level 4 modules.

The following sets out the current minimum requirements for students entering the second year in 2015-2016 onwards. Note that if the subject is not listed below, then it is not possible to take it in Year 4 of the MSci.

A Fourth Year of all Chemistry modules

Year 1
CHEM1078 Core Chemistry 1A
CHEM1087 Practical Chemistry 1A
AND EITHER CHEM1111 Mathematical And Experimental Tools Required In Chemistry OR (Single Mathematics A (MATH1561) and Single Mathematics B (MATH1571)) OR (Calculus And Probability I (MATH1061) and Linear Algebra I (MATH1071))
Year 2
CHEM 2012 Core Chemistry 2
and one pair of modules from
CHEM 2077 Chemistry of the Elements AND CHEM 2107 Practical Chemistry 2 - Inorganic
CHEM 2087 Structure and Reactivity in Organic Chemistry AND CHEM 2117 Practical Chemistry 2 - Organic
CHEM 2097 Properties of Molecules AND CHEM 2127 Practical Chemistry 2 - Physical
Year 3
CHEM 3012 Core Chemistry 3
and one pair of modules from
CHEM 3097 Inorganic Chemistry and Applications AND CHEM 3107 Practical Chemistry 3 - Inorganic
CHEM 3117 Advanced Organic Chemistry AND CHEM 3127 Practical Chemistry 3 - Organic
CHEM 3137 Molecules and their Interactions AND CHEM 3147 Practical Chemistry 3 - Physical

  • CHEM3187 Chemistry Literature Perspective is strongly recommended so that students gain the literature search, critical analysis and writing skills;
  • Choice of topics within Core Chemistry 4 will be limited by the Chemistry pathway followed.

A Fourth Year of all Computer Science modules

Year 1
COMP1051 Computational Thinking
AND one from COMP1081 Algorithms and Data Structures OR COMP1071 Computer Systems
Year 2
EITHER (COMP2211 Networks and Systems AND COMP2231 Software Methodologies AND COMP2221 Programming Paradigms)
OR (COMP2181 Theory of Computation AND COMP2221 Programming Paradigms)
Year 3
EITHER COMP3371 Computing Methodologies
OR COMP3381 Software, Systems and Applications
OR COMP3391 Theoretical Computer Science

A Fourth Year of all Earth Sciences modules

Year 1
GEOL1021 Earth Materials
GEOL1101 Understanding Earth Sciences
Year 2
60 Credits of Earth Sciences
Year 3
GEOL3022 Dissertation

A Fourth Year of all Mathematics modules

Year 1
MATH 1061 Calculus and Probability
MATH 1071 Linear Algebra
MATH 1051 Analysis (can be taken in Year 2, but not guaranteed to timetable in Year 2)
Year 2
MATH 2011 Complex Analysis II
MATH 2031 Analysis of Many Variables II
MATH 2581 Algebra II (can be taken in Year 3)
Year 3
Three Level 3 Maths modules or (Two Level 3 Maths modules and One Level 2 Maths module)

A Fourth Year of all Physics modules

Year 1
PHYS 1122 Foundations of Physics 1
MATH 1061 Calculus and Probability
MATH 1071 Linear Algebra
MATH 1561 Single Maths A
MATH 1571 Single Maths B
Year 2
PHYS 2581 Foundations of Physics 2A
PHYS 2611 Mathematical Methods in Physics
(unless MATH 2031 Analysis of Many Variables II is being taken)
PHYS 1101 Discovery Skills in Physics (if not already taken)
One module from
PHYS 2591 Foundations of Physics 2B
PHYS 2631 Theoretical Physics 2
Year 3
PHYS 3621 Foundations of Physics 3A
If PHYS 2591 Foundations of Physics 2B was taken in Year 2
PHYS3631 Foundations of Physics 3B
PHYS2621 Stars and Galaxies
If PHYS 2631 Theoretical Physics 2 was taken in Year 2
PHYS2591 Foundations of Physics 2B
PHYS3661 Theoretical Physics 3