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Durham University

Natural Sciences

Repeating Year 1

If you have come to the conclusion that you have chosen the wrong single-honours degree programme early in your first-year or pathway within Natural Sciences then you should contact the Director for a discussion repeating the first year by taking an Honours degree in Natural Sciences. However, if you reach this conclusion at the end of Year 1 you need to:

  1. Already be at the University;
  2. Talk to the Departmental Administrator/Director of Education in your home Department/School to check that they are happy to release you;
  3. Talk to your College Welfare about non-academic issues and/or Student Financial Support in the event you get financial support from the Sudent Loan Company;
  4. Contact the Director to arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss the motivation for the transfer and the modules/subjects that will be combined. The Directors office is CG309 in the Chemistry Department, play this video to find out its location.
  5. Formally provide a mini-personal statement to the satisfaction of the Director of Natural Sciences consisting of a few paragraphs on the motivation for studying at least two subjects.

Assuming that all of the above criteria are met, then after the Year 1 examinations have been sat the student should:

  • Contact the Director with "TRANSFER" as the subject to provide him with:
  • Register for 120 credits of Level 2 modules as if you were continuing on your existing programme in DUO;

The Director will then contact College to ask them to raise a suspension of studies and return to repeat a year concession to be considered by the Deputy Executive Dean of Science (Education). Some general principles that Natural Sciences applies to repeat year concession requests are:

  • If you do not want to do any of your first-year subjects in the future years, we’d make a decision on whether the Year 1 exams need to be passed based on the case and the timing of your request.
  • If you want to continue a pathway from your first attempt at Year 1 into Year 2, then we'd require that you pass all exams in May/June. In the event that you failed to pass all of your exams, we would consider your case based on your desired subject pathways in light of the modules you had passed. For instance, to continue on a pathway you must pass modules which are prerequisites of key Level 2 modules;
  • In the repeat Year 1, students aren’t permitted to retake modules already passed and exceptions to take failed modules will be considered but a special exceptional case needs to be made;
  • We remember the modules passed in the first attempt at Year 1 to allow progression onto Year 2 modules.

If you not fit the criteria above and still wish to repeat your first year then, you should contact the Director for a discussion.