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Durham University

Natural Sciences

Clash in DUO

If you are able to add 120 credits into "DUO > Banner Self Service > Enrolment" and submit, chances are that they will timetable - It could be the case that the alternative classes don't timetable, e.g. 2 comes in to play below. If you can't add 120 credits DUO will tell you the modules with which the one you are trying to add clashes - make a note so that you can check consistency with the clash checker. Before you e-mail with Subject "CLASH IN DUO" you should check the extent of the clash to take control of the situation and it also helps to provide consistent presentation of information.

  1. Use the timetable checker to build up your selection (red/starred modules will clash to a lesser or greater degree) with modules you have already added.
  2. Any yellow clashes may not be a problem (you should not assume that everything will be OK.)
  3. Any red clashes are potentially catastrophic, although I can allow a small degree of acceptability (check the ). If you wish to take modules that clash, then you must follow the Principles for Condoning Module Clashes so that you are able to register your choices in DUO.
  4. The module checker also has some Department links at the top of each column added with specific advice.

Process prior to contacting the Director with you module clash

  • The student should add as many modules as possible to DUO;
    In the case you want to take a module with a clash ensure that you have added as many modules into DUO as you are able and then
  • The student should send an e-mail to Natural Sciences Director with the "Full Timetable" link on the clash checker - it should start The e-mail won't need much more information other than the link and the module(s) that clash including the module code the student is attempting to add;
  • The Director will indicate when the module may be added to DUO;
  • By adding the module to DUO, the student agrees to the conditions above outlined in the Principles for Condoning Module Clashes