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Durham University

Natural Sciences

Transfers into Natural Sciences at the end of Year 1

If at the end of Year 1 you want to continue studying the same subject that you studied in your first-year, but want to broaden your degree into a second subject then you might like to consider a transfer into the second year of a Honours Natural Sciences degree. You need to:

  1. Already be at the University and are in your first year studying a Science degree (other than Engineering);
  2. Talk to the Departmental Administrator/Director of Education in your home Department/School to check that they are happy to release you;
  3. Pass your first year examinations;
  4. Achieve at least 55% in your first-year;
  5. Contact the Director to arrange a meeting to discuss the motivation for the transfer and the modules/subjects that will be combined. The Directors office is CG309 in the Chemistry Department, play this video to find out its location.

Assuming that all of the above criteria are met, then the student should e-mail the Director with "TRANSFER INTO NATURAL SCIENCES" as the subject and provide the

  • The name of the programme that the student wishes to transfer to, see;
  • The students id number (9 digits starting 000 on your campus card);
  • The set of 120 credits that you wish to study in your new programme - check that the timetable to see that it will timetable;
  • Plug the 120 credits that you would study for your old programme into DUO;

Once registration for entry into Year 2 of your existing programme has been completed the Director will then initiate the electronic transfer.

If you do not fit the criteria above and still wish to transfer then, you should contact the Director for a discussion.


  • It is not possible to enter or transfer out of Natural Sciences at the end of Year 2 or 3.
  • Once your transfer is complete and you are switched onto your new course in Banner (the database the university uses) the university automatically tells Student Finance England through a shared system.
  • For students commencing Year 1 in October 2017/18 and onwards, the following subjects may
    1. be started without have taken any of the subject in Year 1:
      • Earth Sciences; Business; Geography; Education; Sport.
    2. be started without having taken any of the subject in Year 1 but only by students from eligible single honours programmes (otherwise those subjects may not be started):
      • Computer Sciences (Single Honours Mathematics and Physics only); Anthropology (Single Honours Biosciences only).
    3. not be started unless the student has already taken some modules from that subject in Year 1:
      • Biology; Chemistry; Mathematics; Physics; Psychology; Anthropology; Economics; Philosophy.