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Department of Music


Elisabeth Macneill

Taught Postgraduate Student in the Department of Music

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Elisabeth Macneill studied for both her BA and Taught MA at Durham. Her Masters dissertation focuses on the works of Kafka and Schoenberg in the context of Adorno's and Deleuze and Guattari's aesthetics, with particular reference to the demonstrable parallels between Adorno's musique informelle and Deleuze and Guattari's 'minor literature'.

The basis of her PhD thesis grew from a similar preoccupation with the modernist artwork, moving on to look at the spatialization of temporality in the works of Harrison Birtwistle and Samuel Beckett. Influenced principally by Adorno's writings upon the disintegration of the subject, Derrida's concept of différence and Deleuze's 'Difference and Repetition,' her research considers the philosophical implications of stasis, non-development and contiguous differing temporalities as manifest in primarily temporal artistic media. Her research is funded by an AHRC doctoral award.

Although primarily concerned with aesthetics, Elisabeth is also keenly interested in new developments in music analysis and thoroughly enjoyed participating in the inaugural Music Analysis Summer School of the Society for Music Analysis. She is also enthusiastic about all aspects of contemporary music from Lachenmann to Mark Ronson. In her spare time, she enjoys the books of Iain M. Banks and making pizzas.

Research Interests

  • Aesthetics
  • Music Analysis