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Durham University



Publication details for Professor Tuomas Eerola

Ferrer, R. & Eerola, T. (2011), AMP: Artist-based Musical Preferences Derived from Free Verbal Responses and Social Tags, 2011 IEEE International Conference on Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME 2011). Barcelona, Spain, IEEE, 1-6.

Author(s) from Durham


Operational definitions of music preferences are at the core of psychological research exploring individual differences (personality, expertise) and their relation to a variety of musical behaviors. However, the measurement instruments for music preferences mostly rely on subjective likings for genres, a notion known to be problematic in several ways. We present a framework to derive music preferences based on free responses about liked and disliked artists. The framework uti lizes social tags and online databases to aggregate comparable data to the existing genre-based measures. This frame work was tested in a sample of 408 participants, who indicated their musical preferences using a genre-based measure and free textual responses. A comparison of both forms of data suggested that a genre-based measure can be reliably re covered from the free responses using the framework. The framework has the advantage of being ecologically valid and flexible in terms of the possible inputs and outputs.