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Durham University



Professor Peter Manning - all publications

Authored book

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  • Manning, PD (2012). La Musique Concrète et ses Appareils. In Pierre Schaeffer: Les constructions impatientes. Kaltenecker, M & Le Bail, K CNRS Editions. 140-151.
  • Manning PD (2009). Sound Synthesis using Computers. In The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music. Dean R.T. New York: Oxford University Press. 85-108.
  • Manning PD (2003). 'Electronic Perspectives'. In Hall, M. Between Two Worlds: The Music of David Lumsdaine. Tordmorden, Lancs: Arc Publications. 50-61.
  • Manning PD (2001). 'Computers and Music'. In The New Grove II Dictionary of Music and Musicians. London: Macmillan. 202-18.
  • Manning PD (2001). 'Retrospection and Forum'. In Palmer, J. Jonathan Harvey's Bhakti for Chamber Ensemble and Electronics. Lewiston: EM Press. 77: 143-170.
  • Manning PD (1992). 'Towards a New Era in the Technology of Computer Music'. In Companion to Contemporary Musical Thought. London: Routledge. 355-373.


  • Manning PD (2009). 'Retrospection'. Durham. First performance March 2009. Duration: 14 minutes.
  • Manning PD (2001). 'In Memoriam CPR'. BC SFU Concert Hall, 2001; Sonorities Festival, Belfast, 2001; Kitchener Festival, Ontario, 2001; Bourges 31st International Electroacoustic Music Festival, 2001; Music Without Walls Festival, Leicester, 2002; New Music Festival, Barcelona, 2005. N/A. First performance March 2001. Duration: 12 minutes.
  • Manning PD (1995). 'By-law 2531, City of Vancouver'. Huddersfield Electric Spring Festival, 1995; University of Glasgow, 1996. First performance May 1995. Duration: 12 minutes.
  • Manning PD (1995). 'The Ghost of Eriboll'. SFU Concert Hall, Vancouver, BC, 1995; University of Glasgow, 1995; Sonorities Festival, Belfast, 1996; ICMC Hong Kong, 1996; Bourges 27th International Electroacoustic Music Festival, 1997. First performance February 1995. Duration: 24 minutes.

Conference Paper

Conference Proceeding

  • Nunn, DJE, Manning PD & Purvis A (1996). 'Acoustic Quanta'. International Computer Music Conference, Hong Kong, Computer Music Association.
  • Itagaki, T, Manning PD & Purvis A (1996). 'Real-time Granular Synthesis on a Distributed Muiti-processor Platform'. International Computer Music Conference, Hong Kong, Computer Music Association.
  • Itagaki, T, Manning PD & Purvis A (1995). 'An Implementation of Real-time Granular Synthesis on a Multi-processor Network'. International Computer Music Conference, Banff, Computer Music Association.
  • Nunn DJE, Purvis, A & Manning PD (1995). 'Graphical Display of Musical Information'. XI Colloquio di Informatica Musicale, Bologna.
  • Itagaki, T, Purvis, A & Manning PD (1994). 'Real-time Synthesis on a Multi-processor Network'. Computer Music Conference, Aarhus, Computer Music Association.
  • Bailey, NJ, Bowler, IW, Manning, PD & Purvis, A (1990). 'An Highly Parallel Architecture for Real-time Music Synthesis and Digital Signal Processing Applications'. International Computer Music Conference, Glasgow, Computer Music Association.

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