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Durham University



Ms Annaliese Micallef Grimaud, BA(Hons) (Melit.), MMus (BSU), ATCL

Member of the Department of Music

Contact Ms Annaliese Micallef Grimaud (email at


Annaliese is a final year doctoral student in the Music & Science Lab ( at the Music Department whose academic interests include music and emotions, music composition, and more specifically, how different emotions may be conveyed through the same musical piece by altering music feature levels. Her PhD thesis examines how altering the structure and expressive cues of music affects the perceived emotional expression. She is exploring this utilising a computer interface she created, called EmoteControl, which allows users to change the features of a musical piece as it plays in real-time. No musical knowledge is required to utilise the interface, which provides non-musicians with the opportunity to shape music, something which they might not have been exposed to before, and this investigation gives insight in how listeners think emotions sound like in music. As a composer by profession, she has also created new, validated musical stimuli which is utilised in her research, in order to eliminate any familiarity bias and ecological validity concerns in the music materials utilised, and provide new music stimuli for research in the music psychology field.

Annaliese received her BA (Hons) in Music from the University of Malta, where she specialised in music composition, and was rewarded her MMus in Creative Sound and Media Technology from Bath Spa University (UK), where she focussed her studies on electronic music and visual music. Annaliese was selected for a New Media and Communications course at the Global Academy of Liberal Arts (GALA) summer school which she attended and successfully completed at the Communication University of China, in Beijing. Throughout her career, Annaliese has composed music for short films, dance, and live performances. She has worked in the Media Industry in Malta for 7 years, being involved in local leading TV programmes, and international events. Annaliese is also an avid piano player, and holds an ATCL diploma in Piano Performance. Outside of her academic interests, Annaliese is passionate about coffee, sound design, books, travelling, and her Malta-based cat Ruby.

Research Interests

  • Emotion manipulation through music
  • Music and emotions
  • Music composition
  • The affect of music structure and expressive cues on perceived emotion


Conference Paper

  • Micallef Grimaud, A. (2019), A recipe for emotion, International Conference of Students on Systematic Musicology (SysMus). Berlin, Germany..
  • Micallef Grimaud, A. (2019), Altering emotion perception through music, International Music and Sciences Symposium. Istanbul, Turkey..
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  • Micallef Grimaud, A. (2018), A recipe for emotion: Development of an analysis by synthesis experiment, The Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing Third Annual Early Career Researcher Conference. Durham, UK..

Conference Proceeding

  • Micallef Grimaud, A., Eerola, T. & Collins, N. (2019). EmoteControl: A System for Live-Manipulation of Emotional Cues in Music. 14th International Audio Mostly Conference: A Journey in Sound(AM’19), Nottingham, UK, Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, USA.