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Durham University


Geography, Music, Space

Following the conference in January 2017, a special issue of the journal Musicology Research was published on the themes of Geography, Music, Space in spring 2018.

One-day conference

Supported by the Institute of Musical Research, and Durham University's Department of Geography, Institute of Advanced Study and Centre for Academic and Researcher Development

Wednesday 25 January 2017; Kingsley Barrett Room, Calman Learning Centre, Durham University

For more information please contact Samuel Horlor at

Conference Report

Session I: The political spaces of music

Jelena Gligorijević (Music, University of Turku, Finland) - The Political Potential of Contemporary Music Festivals as Micronational Spaces: Articulations of National Identity in Serbia’s Exit and Guča Trumpet Festivals After Milošević [Abstract]

James Williams (Music, University of Derby) - Music ‘Mash-ups’ and Social-Media Culture: How ‘Cassetteboy’ Tackles Politics in Cyberspace [Abstract] [Video]

June Wang (Public Policy, City University of Hong Kong) - Practicing Music, Practicing Musical City: Spatial Politics of Chinese Rock in Shenzhen [Abstract]

Session II: Music and everyday space making

Maria Lindmäe (Geography, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona) - The Impact of Collective Practice of Music on Young People’s Behaviour Towards their Everyday Environment: A Case Study in Medellín [Abstract] [Video]

Jasmine Hornabrook (Music, Goldsmiths, University of London) - Music and Everyday Space-making in London’s Tamil Diaspora [Abstract] [Video]

Gretchen Larsen (Business School, Durham University) & Maurice Patterson (Business School, University of Limerick) - Creolized Sonic Ecologies: Sound, Space and Consumer Subjectivities in New Orleans [Abstract] [Video]

James Armstrong (Music, University of Surrey) - Person-Environment Relationships: Influences beyond Acoustics in Musical Performance [Abstract] [Video]

Session III: Performance spaces: hearing, playing, feeling

Jonathan Hicks (Music, King's College London) - Tunnel Hearing [Abstract] [Video]

Arran Calvert (Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews) - Can You Hear the Architecture? [Abstract]

Lucy Dearn & Sarah Price (Music, University of Sheffield) - Performance Spaces and Listeners: Understanding Two Regional Concert Halls [Abstract] [Video]

Emily Falconer (Sociology, University of Westminster) - In Harmony or Out of Tune? Affective and Emotional Geographies of All-Male Choirs [Abstract] [Video]

Keynote Lecture

George Revill (Geography, The Open University) - Geographies of Voice [Video]

Film screening:

Candice Boyd (Geography, University of Melbourne) - Musical Improvisation as Therapeutic Practice: A Short Film (10 mins) [Abstract] [Video]

Fausto Di Quarto (Sociology, Bicocca University of Milan) - Short film: Reclaiming Democratic (Public) Spaces through Music: The Case of Viaduto Santa Tereza in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) (7 mins) [Abstract] [Video]