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Research Forum

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Research Forum

The Research Forum is a regular series in which the department's postgraduate students and academic staff discuss the latest research from across the discipline. Organised by postgraduate students, these seminars are given by distinguished visitors and by our own staff.

This year's Research Forum programme included:
29 October 2019 – Flora Willson (Kings College London) – Nellie Melba’s Audible Past: The Cultural Politics of Bel Canto in the 1890s
5 November 2019 – Lauren Stewart (Goldsmiths) – The CHIME Project: Community-led Health Intervention Through Musical Engagement for Perinatal Mental Health in The Gambia
19 November 2019 – Linda Barwick (University of Sidney) – Words within music in Australian Song
3 December 2019 – Andrea Halpern (Bucknell University) – Audience Reactions to Repeating a Piece on a Concert Programme
21 January 2020 – Shay Loya (City) – The Problem with Form in Liszt’s Late Works
28 January 2020 – Lisa McCormick (Edinburgh) – Scandalous Choices: Moral Disturbances in Classical Music Competitions
4 February 2020 – John Rink (Cambridge) – Between Practice and Theory: Performance Studies and/as Artistic Research
11 February 2020 – Rachel Harris (SOAS) – Mediated listening and acts of terror in Xinjiang
3 March 2020 – Jeremy Dibble (Durham) – English Opera for the English Stage: Stanford's First Opera "The Veiled Prophet"

Postgraduate Seminar

The Postgraduate Seminar is the platform for our postgraduate students to present their own research to peers and staff. Contributions take the form of formal papers or use more creative presentation formats, and lead to group discussion.

Study Days and Conferences

Postgraduate students organise conferences of various kinds, centred upon particular themes and often working in partnership with external funders. These events feature invited keynote speakers and issue open calls for papers to postgraduate and senior scholars from around the country and overseas.