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Durham University


Project Outputs


World Premiere of Adaptations (2011) for e-violin and computer, 
during Triggered, Kings Place London, 13th June 2011, 8pm

Recording of schismatics (2007, rev. 2010) for e-violin and computer, 
ICMC 2011, University of Huddersfield, July 31 - Aug 5, 2011.
Programmed in Listening Room 4b on Thursday 4th August 2011.


Hayden, S. & Kanno, M. (2011). ‘Towards Musical Interaction: Sam Hayden's schismatic's for e-violin and computer (2007, rev. 2010)'

Accepted for publication in Proceedings of ICMC 2011, 
University of Huddersfield, July 31 - Aug 5, 2011.

This paper discusses the evolution of the Max/MSP patch used in schismatics (2007, rev. 2010) for electric violin (Violectra) and computer, by composer Sam Hayden in collaboration with violinist Mieko Kanno. schismatics involves a standard performance paradigm of a fixed notated part for the e-violin with sonically un-fixed live computer processing. Hayden was unsatisfied with the early version of the piece: the use of attack detection on the live e-violin playing to trigger stochastic processes led to an essentially reactive behaviour in the computer, resulting in a somewhat predictable one-to-one sonic relationship between them. It demonstrated little internal relationship between the two beyond an initial e-violin ‘action' causing a computer ‘event'. The revisions in 2010, enabled by an AHRC Practice-Led research award, aimed to achieve 1) a more interactive performance situation and 2) a subtler and more ‘musical' relationship between live and processed sounds. This was realised through the introduction of sound analysis objects, in particular machine listening and learning techniques developed by Nick Collins. One aspect of the programming was the mapping of analysis data to synthesis parameters, enabling the computer transformations of the e-violin to be directly related to Kanno's interpretation of the piece in performance.

Download "Towards Musical Interaction"


- Mieko Kanno & Sam Hayden. ‘Live performance, the interactive computer and the Violectra'

14th July 2011, 2.30pm-6.00pm 

Composer-performer collaborations parallel sessions 
Performance Studies Network (PSN) International Conference
14-17 July 2011
AHRC Research Centre for Musical Performance as Creative Practice (CMPCP)
Faculty of Music
University of Cambridge
11 West Road
Cambridge CB3 9DP

- Sam Hayden & Mieko Kanno. ‘Towards Musical Interaction: Sam Hayden's schismatics for e-violin and computer (2007, rev. 2010)'

Article to be presented during ICMC 2011, University of Huddersfield, July 31 - Aug 5, 2011.

Session 15B: Systems and Techniques (chair: Diemo Schwarz), 16.10-16.30, Thursday 4th August 2011 in the Business School.

Recording of schismatics is also programmed in Listening Room 4b on Thursday 4th August 2011.

- Sam Hayden & Mieko Kanno. 'Towards musical interactions. Sam Hayden's compositions for e-violin and computer'

Live performance/paper presentation at the interdisciplinary forum for composers and musicologists SPEEC, University of Oxford, on 6th January 2012.

More information on SPEEC