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Douglas Bachorik interviewed for BBC radio documentary on musical settings of sacred texts

(1 May 2017)

The programme Our Father was broadcast on BBC Radio Cornwall on Good Friday. Naomi Kennedy explored sung versions of The Lord’s Prayer, and how music is set to sacred texts.

Douglas Bachorik, who is currently working towards a PhD under the supervision of Prof Bennett Zon, contextualised the deep levels of devotion inspired by sung versions of the prayer.

He outlined the complexities of the role of music in religious experience.

“Music communicates emotion, primarily,” explained Bachorik. “It can both convey emotion, and at the same time there is the concept of music inducing an emotion in us.

“When we look at the experience of music and a text simultaneously, we are opened up to a heightened experience of that text.”

The full documentary is available here until 13 May. Hear Douglas Bachorik interviewed from 50’58’’.