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Concert Room

The Department is fortunate to have a beautiful performance space in its main building, serving as an ideal venue for performances by students and visiting musicians. The hall has two storeys of seating, is fully equipped with a high quality 5:1 sound system using large Genelec loudspeakers, and also has computer (PC) and video projection facilities.

Lecture Room

The majority of smaller classes and seminars are held in a lecture room situated in the Department's main building. This room has a high quality stereo sound system using ATC loudspeakers, computer (PC), video projector and interactive whiteboard.

Music Technology Lab
Our multimedia room provides students with a further 9 quiet dual-core PC digital audio workstations, running a wide variety of audio recording synthesis and video software. Computers in the multimedia room and the adjoining Studio 3 can be interconnected via the local University network to form large arrays of computers with real time audio and midi communication between them. Very large projects can be handled between the interlinked processors in this way. East West Symphonic Orchestra Platinum, which requires several computers working together to run it, is a good example. Also on the network is a central mass storage device of about 3-4 TB for general storage/transfer of audio/video files. This can be accessed from any department audio/video workstation. It contains the whole BBC sound effects library.

Practice Rooms
Rooms for individual practice and group rehearsals are available in 49 North Bailey, and can be booked out free of charge by music students. The four practice rooms are sound proofed and acoustically treated. Practice room 1 is the largest and is equipped with a Yamaha C3; practice room 2 is medium size and is equipped with digital stage piano, drum kit, bass and guitar amps, and PA; practice room 3 and 4 are suitable for individual or small group practice and are equipped with vertical pianos Yamaha B3 with Silent technology. In addition, the Music Department runs rehearsal and studio facilities in three colleges (Van Mildert, Collingwood and University), and two spaces in the main Department building (Concert Room and Lecture Room), each equipped with grand or baby grand pianos, that can also be booked by students when not required for classes or performances.

There are four Departmental recording studios and three Collegiate recording studios. Four studios situated in the main buildings are used by staff and by students working on course work or research projects, and include a diverse range of equipment for the recording and editing of music and the creation of electroacoustic music. Three more are located in Van Mildert, Collingwood and University Colleges, equipped with basic audio recording systems, which can be used freely by music students. Our studios are equipped with a wide variety of recording and sound processing equipment which spans the period from the early analogue era up to the latest present-day computer-based software. Computers are dual- and quad-core PCs and Apple Macintosh-based Pro-tools HD systems.

The new Recording Studio 4

The brand new recording studio comprises a control room, and up to three recording rooms (live room, practice room 1 and practice room 2). The space has been fully sound proofed and acoustically treated. The state of the art equipment available includes the professional recording consolle SSL AWS 924, Pro Tools HDX on Mac Pro, Motu 24 I/O on PC, 5.1 surround monitoring on ADAM S3X-H, and various outboard sound processing units.

ADAL - Audiovisual Documentation and Analysis Laboratory

For research on music performance the department recently acquired a professional and advanced system for location recording of synchronised multi-camera and multi-track audio, and a workstation for audio/video editing and analysis, supporting all industry standard audiovisual editing software.

MSL - Music and Science Lab
This brand new lab has four data analysis workstations and specialist equipment to capture, measure and analyse musical behaviour, supporting any empirical work on music psychology, ethnomusicology, music technology and medical humanities at various levels (UG, PG, and post-doctoral). Available equipment includes portable physiology response kits, electroencephalography system, recording and playback equipment, audience response capture devices, acoustically controlled listening environment.

Electronic workshop
A fully equipped electronic workshop supports the day-to-day running of all the Department's facilities. Staffed full-time by the Department's expert technicians, Neil Combstock and Martin Allison, the workshop has a considerable amount of recording and video equipment, much of which is available for loan to students.

Concert work
The department has developed a large multi-loudspeaker sound diffusion system employing Genelec and ATC loudspeakers. The central operation is from a large 24 channel Allen and Heath front-of-house audio mixer and a further quad core 20 audio channel PC for sound processing diffusion tasks and high quality sound recording.