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Research Forum: Andrea Halpern (Bucknell University)

3rd December 2019, 15:00, Concert Room, Department of Music

Audience Reactions to Repeating a Piece on a Concert Programme

Andrea R. Halpern, Bucknell University, USA
IAS Fellow, Michaelmas 2019

Presenting a concert piece twice on a programme has a long history, but is only rarely done today, primarily in contemporary classical music. And no one has actually queried audience reaction to this practice. In several live audience studies and one laboratory study, we examined audience changes in affective (liking/desire to hear again) and cognitive (perceived understanding/memory) responses to repetition. We varied whether the repeat was pre-announced or not, and if the two playings were consecutive or not. In the most recent study, the piece was a premiere of an aleatoric work, and the audience larger and more diverse than the prior conservatory audiences. Overall, audience reaction was positive but there were some exceptions, which was also true in reactions from the performers. I will also discuss this type of project as an interesting collaboration among the psychologist authors, the ensemble directors, the composers and audience, in a ‘citizens making science’ context.

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