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Durham University



On this page you can find the list of forthcoming events with details, in addition to the link to the music section of the university's What's On guide.

Research Forum: John Rink (Cambridge)

4th February 2020, 15:00, Concert Room, Department of Music

Between Practice and Theory: Performance Studies and/as Artistic Research

This paper will reflect on what musical performance studies has achieved over the last two decades and where it might head in the future. It will also highlight certain frictions with and within the ‘artistic research’ community, which at times has pursued conflicting agendas. One aim of the paper is therefore to generate greater synergy within the discipline and to find a way out of the corner into which some have painted themselves. To that end, I will undertake a case study focusing on a singular performance by the pianist Alfred Brendel which has the particular purpose of demonstrating how the separation sometimes posited in the literature between ‘academic researchers’ and ‘artist researchers’ might at least be challenged if not overcome.

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