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Monks in Motion

Abbreviations and Bibliography

Monks in Motion Database Abbreviations:

Sources are given for the information supplied about each individual monk. The following abbreviations have been used.


Peter Athanasius Allanson, ‘Biographies’ (unpublished). Ampleforth Abbey Archives.

AN LL1420

LL 1420 Registres Bénédictines Anglaises. Archives Nationale, Paris.


Godfrey Anstruther, The Seminary Priests: a Dictionary of the Secular Clergy of England and Wales 1558–1850, 4 vols (Ware and Durham and Great Wakering: Mayhew-McCrimmon,1968–77).


Aidan Bellenger, O.S.B., English and Welsh Priests 1558–1800 (Bath: Downside Abbey, 1984).


Henry Norbert Birt, O.S.B., Obit Book of the English Benedictines from 1600 to 1912 (Edinburgh: privately printed, 1912).


Egerton MS 3279, San Salvador at Ona. British Library, London.

Cramer, Lamspring

Anselm Cramer, Lampsringe: An English Abbey in Germany (Ampleforth: Ampleforth Abbey Press, 2004).

CRS 24

Richard Trappes-Lomax (ed.), Franciscana, Catholic Record Society, 24 (London, 1922).

CRS 30

Edwin Henson (ed.), Registers of the English College at Valladolid 1589–1862, Catholic Record Society, 30 (London, 1930).

CRS 33

Justin McCann and Hugh Connolly (eds), Memorials of Father Augustine Baker and Other Documents Relating to the English Benedictines, Catholic Record Society, 33 (London, 1933).

CRS 54

A. Kenny (ed.), The Responsa Scholarum of the English College, Rome. Part I: 1598–1621, Catholic Record Society, 54 (London, 1962).

CRS 55

A. Kenny (ed.), The Responsa Scholarum of the English College, Rome. Part II: 1622–1685, Catholic Record Society, 55 (London, 1963).

Dilworth Necrologies

Mark Dilworth, ‘Two Necrologies of Scottish Benedictine Abbeys in Germany’, Innes Review, 9 (1958), 173-203.

Dilworth Scots

Mark Dilworth, The Scots in Franconia: A Century of Monastic Life (Edinburgh and London: Scottish Academic Press, 1974).

Dilworth Wurzburg

Mark Dilworth, ‘Scottish Benedictines at Wurzburg: A Supplement to the Necrology’, The Innes Review, 15 (1964), 171–81.

EBC necrology

English Benedictine Congregation Necrology. Downside Abbey Archives.

Funeral Register, Downside Abbey

Funeral Register. Downside Abbey Archives.

Lamspringe pf

Lamspringe Profession Book, Downside Abbey Archives.

Liber Graduum

St Gregory’s Liber Graduum. Downside Abbey Archives.


David Lunn, The English Benedictines, 1540-1688: from Reformation to Revolution (London: Burns and Oates, 1980).

Lunn Cassinese

David Lunn, ‘The English Cassinese (1611–50)’, Recusant History, 13 (1975), 62–69.


Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online edition.


‘The Monks of St Edmund’s professed at Paris, Douai and Woolhampton from the beginning until 2003’, in Geoffrey Scott, O.S.B, Douai 1903- Woolhampton 2003: A Centenary History (Worcester: Stanbrook Abbey Press, 2003)

Solemn Profession Book, Douai Abbey

The Profession Book of St Gregory’s, Douai. Douai Abbey Archives.

St E Profession Book

The Profession Book of St Edmund’s, Paris. Douai Abbey Archives.


Bennet Weldon, Chronological Notes, Containing the Rise, Growth and Present State of the English Congregation of the Order of St. Benedict (London: J. Hodges, 1881).

Welsh’s diary

18H3 Journal des événements memorables du college de Douai. Les Archives Departmentales du Nord, Lille.


Basil Whelan (ed.), A Series of Lists Relating to the English Benedictine Congregation (Worcester: Stanbrook Abbey Press, 1933).