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Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East

Members of the Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East

Professor John Barclay

Lightfoot Professor of Divinity in the Department of Theology and Religion
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 44330
Room number: Elvet Riverside 2 248
Deputy Head of Faculty (Undergraduate) in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Room number: ER248

Contact Professor John Barclay (email at


After undergraduate studies (at Queens', Cambridge) in Classics and Theology, I did my PhD (on Galatians) at Cambridge, before becoming Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer and Professor at Glasgow University (1984-2003). I have been at Durham as Lightfoot Professor of Divinity since 2003, delighted to be part of a very strong team of scholars in New Testament and early Judaism, and a lively research community of postgraduate students. During my Glasgow years, I worked on the social history of early Christianity (especially in Pauline churches) and researched and published on Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora (1996). From that I moved to a translation and commentary on one of Josephus' most interesting texts, his defence of Judaism called Against Apion (2007), which involved me in study of Judaism in the Roman world and some elements of post-colonial theory.

I have just put together a collection of essays on Pauline Christians and Diaspora Judaism called Pauline Churches and Diaspora Jews (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2011). This includes some hitherto inaccessible pieces and some new ones, including a revised version of my response to N.T. Wright on Paul and the Roman empire ('Why the Roman empire was insignificant to Paul').

I am now working on Pauline theology from the perspective of his theology of grace. If we read this in the light of ancient notions of gift, I believe we can understand in a new way his relationship to Judaism, his theology of the Christ-event and his ethic of reciprocal generosity. My new book, Paul and the Gift, will explore the theological and social significance of the incongruity of grace in the formation of innovative communities, going beyond Sanders and the new perspective, without returning to traditional Protestant understandings of grace. Some of my recent essays (see below) indicate my direction of thinking. This book (the first of a two-part series) is due to be published by Eerdmans in July 2015.

At undergraduate and Masters levels I teach a number of topics in the New Testament and early Christianity: gospel passion narratives, Pauline theology, the social formation of the early church and (at Masters level) the history of interpretation of Paul (from the beginning to today).

I have had a long history of supervising postgraduate (MA and PhD) students, bringing 39 doctoral students thus far to successful completion. I am currently supervising doctoral students on a range of topics including: hermeneutical issues in women's response to Ephesians 5.21-31; Paul and history; Paul, glory and power; the use of the emotions in 1 Peter; Paul and the inculcation of an emotional regime; the use of Genesis and Isaiah in Galatians 4; life and death in Galatians, 4 Maccabees and 4 Ezra; sensitivity to the views of outsiders in the Pauline corpus; the meaning of faith in Paul. 

I am open to supervising research in a range of fields relating to the New Testament and early Judaism and am happy to respond to email enquiries at any stage of interest or application. Most years I am also present at the SBL Annual meeting and am glad to meet prospective students there.

I am currently working 50% of my time in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, as deputy Head for Undergraduate Learning and Teaching. The other 50% is spent on teaching at the MA level, research and supervising research students. Out of the study I enjoy my family, cycling, music, and watching rugby. Having spent two sabbatical periods in New Zealand (University of Otago, Dunedin), I am also a fan of the All Blacks!


Books: authored

  • Barclay, J.M.G. (Forthcoming). Paul and the Gift. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans.
  • Barclay, J.M.G. (2011). Pauline Churches and Diaspora Jews. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.
  • Barclay, John M. G. (2007). Flavius Josephus translation and commentary. Leiden: Brill.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (1997). Colossians and Philemon. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (1996). Jews in the Mediterranean Diaspora from Alexander to Trajan (323 BCE - 117 CE). Edinburgh: T&T Clark.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (1988). Obeying the Truth. A Study of Paul’s Ethics in Galatians. Edinburgh: T&T Clark.

Books: edited

  • Barclay, J. M. G. & Gathercole, S. (2006). Divine and Human Agency in Paul and his Cultural Environment. London: T&T Clark.
  • Barclay, J.M.G. (2004). Negotiating Diaspora: Jewish Strategies in the Roman Empire. Library of Second Temple Studies. London: T&T Clark.
  • Barclay, J.M.G. (1998). Frequently Asked Questions on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Glasgow: Trinity St. Mungo Press.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. & Sweet, John P. M. (1996). Early Christian Thought in its Jewish Context. Cambridge: CUP.

Books: reviews

Essays in edited volumes

  • Barclay, J.M.G. (2014). 'Jews' and 'Christians' in the Eyes of Roman Authors c. 100 CE. In Jews and Christians in the First and Second Centuries: How to Write their Histories. Tomson, P.J. & Schwartz, J. Brill. 313-326.
  • Barclay, J.M.G. (2014). Constructing a Dialogue: 4 Ezra and Paul on the Mercy of God. In Anthropologie und Ethik im Frühjudentum und im Neuen Testament. Konradt, M. & Schläpfer, E. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck. 322: 3-22.
  • Barclay, J.M.G. (2014). Grace and the Countercultural Reckoning of Worth: Community Construction in Galatians 5-6. In Galatians and Christian Theology. Elliott, M.W., Hafemann, S.J., Wright, N.T. & Frederick, J. Baylor University Press. 306-317.
  • Barclay, J.M.G. (2014). Humanity under Faith. In Beyond Bultmann: Reckoning a New Testament Theology. Longenecker, B.W. & Parsons, M.C. Baylor University Press. 79-99.
  • Barclay, John M.G. (2013). 'Because he was rich he became poor': Translation, Exegesis and Hermeneutics in the Reading of 2 Cor 8.9. In Theologizing in the Corinthian Conflict: Studies in the Exegesis and Theology of 2 Corinthians. Bieringer, R., Ibita, M., Kurek-Chomycz, D. & Vollmer, T. Peeters. 16: 331-344.
  • Barclay, J.M.G. (2013). Under Grace: The Christ-Gift and the Construction of a Christian Habitus. In Apocalyptic Paul: Cosmos and Anthropos in Romans 5-8. Gaventa, B. Baylor University Press. 59-76.
  • Barclay, J.M.G. (2011). Believers and the "Last Judgment" in Paul: Rethinking Grace and Recompense. In Eschatologie - Eschatology: The Sixth Durham-Tübingen Research Symposium: Eschatology in Old Testament, Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity (Tübingen, September, 2009). Eckstein, H.-J., Landmesser, C. & Lichtenberger, H. Mohr Siebeck. 195-208.
  • Barclay, J.M.G. (2011). Paul, Judaism and the Jewish People. In The Blackwell Companion to Paul. Westerholm, S. Wiley-Blackwell. 188-201.
  • Barclay, J. M G. (2010). Unnerving Grace: Approaching Romans 9-11 from The Wisdom of Solomon. In Between Gospel and Election: Explorations in the Interpretation of Romans 9-11. Wilk, F. & Wagner, J. R. Mohr Siebeck. 91-109.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (2009). Grace within and Beyond Reason: Philo and Paul in Dialogue. In Paul, Grace and Freedom. Essays in Honour of John K. Riches. Middleton, P., Paddison, A. & Wenell, K. London: T&T Clark. 9-21.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (2009). Josephus’ Contra Apionem as Jewish Apologetics. In Critique and Apologetics: Jews, Christians and Pagans in Antiquity. Jacobsen, A.-C., Ulrich, J. & Brakke, D. Frankurt am Main: Peter Lang. 265-82.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (2008). Grace and the Transformation of Agency in Christ. In Redefining First-Century Jewish and Christian Identities. Udoh, F. E. Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press. 372-89.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (2008). Manna and the Circulation of Grace: A Study of 2 Corinthians 8:1-15. In The Word Leaps the Gap: Essays on Scripture and Theology in Honour of Richard B. Hays. Wagner, J. R., Rowe, C. K. & Grieb, A. K. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. 409-26.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (2007). “Offensive and Uncanny” Jesus and Paul on the Caustic Grace of God. In Jesus and Paul Reconnected. Still, T. D. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. 1-17.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (2007). Constructing Judean Identity after 70 C.E.: A Study of Josephus’ Against Apion. In Identity and Interaction in the Ancient Mediterranean. Crook, Z. E. & Harland, P. A. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press. 99-112.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (2007). Snarling Sweetly: Josephus on Images and Idolatry. In Memory in the Bible and Antiquity. Barton, S. C., Stuckenbruch, L. T. & Wold, B. G. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck. 365-85.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (2006). 'By the Grace of God I Am what I Am: Grace and Agency in Philo and Paul. In Divine and Human Agency in Paul and His Cultural Environment. Barclay, J. M. G. & Gathercole, S. J. London.: T & T Clark. 140-157.
  • Barclay, J. M. G. (2006). Money and Meetings: Group Formation among Diaspora Jews and Early Christians. In Vereine, Synagogen und Gemeinden im kaiserzeitlichen Kleinasien. Gutsfeld, A. & Koch, D.-A. Tübigen: Mohr Siebeck. 113-27.

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