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Centre for the Study of the Ancient Mediterranean and the Near East

Akkadian Reading Group

The CAMNE Akkadian Reading Group meets once a week during term time to read and discuss Akkadian texts in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Anyone with some prior knowledge of and interest in Akkadian language and literature is very welcome to join!

A manuscript of Gilgamesh 6 from the Library of Ashurbanipal

We read a variety of texts depending on the interests of current members. Texts we have read in the last couple of years include:

  • SB Anzu
  • OB Gilgamesh (Sippar tablet)
  • SB Gilgamesh (Tablets I and V)
  • Enūma eliš
  • Ludlul bēl nēmeqi (Tablets I-II)
  • The Persian Verse Account
  • Codex Hammurabi
  • Extracts from Neo-Assyrian royal inscriptions
  • Selected Babylonian Chronicles
  • The Borsippa Cylinder of Antiochus I

If you would like to join the group, or for more information, please contact Johannes Haubold or Kathryn Stevens.