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Research Centres

Durham University is one of the world’s foremost research centres in cosmology and space science.

Based in the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics, scientists from more than 20 countries around the world are involved in some of today’s largest and most exciting research projects aimed at furthering our understanding of the Universe.

Together they are investigating the mysteries of the cosmos, from the birth of the Universe through to the origin of galaxies, to the nature of dark matter and dark energy.

The Centre is home to the University’s Institute for Computational Cosmology where researchers carry out huge supercomputer simulations of the birth and evolution of the Universe.

By solving equations from physics, and including the properties of the mysterious dark matter and dark energy, the scientists track the formation of cosmic structures from the Big Bang to the present day.

These simulations are behind three of Lumiere’s installations - Cosmoscope, What Matters and Cosmic Architecture, the latter of which will be projected on to the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics during the festival.



Ogden Centre

The Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics is home to several leading research groups – the Institute for Computational Cosmology, the Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy (CEA), the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation (CfAI) and the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology. You can find out more about this world leading research centre here.

Eagle Project

EAGLE (Evolution and Assembly of GaLaxies and their Environments) is a huge supercomputer simulation aimed at understanding how galaxies form and evolve. EAGLE, a project of the Virgo Consortium for cosmological supercomputer simulations, is one of the largest cosmological hydrodynamical simulations ever. Find out more here.



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Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics

Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics

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A new home for the science of the Universe at Durham.