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Law and Global Justice (LGJ)

Student Participation

Law and Global Justice at Durham (LGJD) welcomes participation from all taught and research students, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. All students are encouraged to attend and engage in the research group’s events and activities and to get to know the academics and postgraduate research students who are members of this group.

LGJD events and activities complement a number of undergraduate modules, which act as vehicles for research-led teaching. These modules include Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law and Advanced Issues in International Legal Governance. LGJD activities also complement the LLM in International Law and Governance by building on knowledge and themes that are discussed on a range of LLM modules, including Fundamentals of International Law, Fundamental Issues in International Legal Governance, International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law and the Law of the Sea.

The group provides support for students of all levels who are interested in pursuing careers in international law and global justice. LGJD activities include events that are intended to introduce students to academics and practitioners working in related areas and to provide a forum to explore and discuss possible careers in this field.

The convenors of LGJD welcome suggestions for activities run for and by undergraduate or postgraduate students in the field of international law and global justice. If you have an idea for an event that you would like to organise please feel free to contact the convenors to discuss it.