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Durham University

Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS)

Staff and Governance

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T: 0191 334 2974

Core Staff

The day-to-day running of IMEMS is the responsibility of the Core Executive Committee, comprising the Director and Associate Directors and the Administrator. 

Professor Giles Gasper

Personal web page

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 46570
Professor (High Medieval History) in the Department of History

(email at

Giles Gasper is Professor in High Medieval History at Durham University. He specializes in the intellectual history of the high middle ages (11th-13th centuries), particularly in the development of theology. He also has interests in Patristic and early medieval thought, and in the history of science. He is principal investigator on the inter-disciplinary Ordered Universe project to edit, translate and contextualise the scientific works of Robert Grosseteste (c.1170-1253), working with an international team of scientists, educationalists and medievalists. The Dimensions of Colour: Robert Grosseteste's De colore (2013) emerged from the pilot project for Ordered Universe. Subsequent volumes will be published by Oxford University Press in a seven volume series The Scientific Works of Robert Grosseteste. The Ordered Universe has active collaborations with a variety of creative artists, namely Cate Watkinson, Colin Rennie and other glass artists at the UK National Glass Centre, University of Sunderland, Sculptor Alexandra Carr, Filmmaker Alan Fentiman and Projection Artists Ross Ashton and Karen Monid. Carr and Gasper directed a Leverhulme Trust funded Artist in Residence placement Sculpting with Light, with principal activities in Durham in 2017. Gasper is a regular participant in the UK National Festival of Humanities, represented the Arts and Humanities Research Council at the Cheltenham Science Festival in 2015 (with Hannah Smithson and Tom McLeish), and featured on BBC Radios 4’s In Our Time. Gasper, together with Smithson and McLeish, was awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Research Engagement at the University of Oxford (2016). A second strand of research focuses on notions of ‘economy’ and order in the High Middle Ages. This has focal points on medieval monastic thought, the theology of Creation and hexaemeronic commentary, Salvation theology and medieval food culture. Recent work in this area includes a study of twelfth century culinary recipes for the English Historical Review co-authored with Faith Wallis (McGill), and forthcoming edited volumes on Biblical Exegesis in the Middle Ages, and Spiritual and Material Economies in Northern Europe. Gasper was an international partner in a major inter-disciplinary research project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council, running from the Cultural Historical Museum, University of Oslo, on 'Economies of Salvation in the Middle Ages', 2013-2016 working particularly with numismatists, liturgists and archaeologists. Money and the Church in Medieval Europe, 1000-1200 (co-ed. with S. Gullbekk, 2015) was produced from this project. Gasper has written extensively on Anselm of Canterbury, including St Anselm of Canterbury and His Legacy (2012) and his earlier Anselm of Canterbury and His Theological Inheritance (2004) and papers on various aspects of Anselm’s thought, career and posthumous reputation.

Giles Gasper welcomes inquiries from postgraduates in any aspect of intellectual or cultural history of the 11th-13th centuries, especially the development of theology, monastic life, spiritual and material culture, and the history of science.

The following PhD and MA by Research students are working under Giles Gasper's supervision:

Gabriel Fidler: Norman Space, Sacred and Secular

Kathy Bader: Science, Learning and Community in the Severn and Wye Valleys in the 12th Century

Rick Vert: Identity in Northern Britian in the 12th Century

William Crozier: St Bonaventure

Abigail Steed: Vengeance in Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman Society

Barbara Hargreaves: Monasteries and Medical Care

Jon Turnock: Romanesque Ecclesiastical Sculpture and Lordship in Northern England

James Turner: Royal Bastards in Norman and Angevin England

Giles is also external supevisor for Tim Farrant (University of Oxford)

Giles has sponsored a number of Visiting Fellows to Durham:

2017 Department of History: Professor Nader El-Bizri, American University of Beirut

2017 Institute of Advanced Study Fellowship: Professor Hannah Smithson, Department of Experimental Psychology and Pembroke College, University of Oxford

2015 Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Slater Fellowship: Professor Faith Wallis, Departments of History and Social Studies of Medicine, McGill Univesity, Montreal, Canada

2012 Institute of Advanaced Study, Senior Research Fellowship: Professor Greti Dinkova-Bruun, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Toronto, Canada.

International Collaboration

  • Lost Legacies and a Living Past: the Scientific Works of Robert Grosseteste in Multi-Disciplinary Perspective
  • The Church and Money: Project Partner with University of Oslo

Indicators of Esteem

  • 2018: University Impact and Engagement Award: Arts and Humanites Faculty :
  • 2017: Doctor of the University, Honoris causa, Bishop Grosseteste University: For services to medieval history and leadership of the Ordered Universe project
  • 2016: Associate Fellow, Pembroke College, University of Oxford (until 2019):
  • 2016: University of Oxford Vice-Chancellor's Award for Engagement with Research:
  • 2014: Times Higher Education Awards: Research Project of the Year (Shortlisted): The Ordered Universe
  • 2013: University Award for Excellence in Doctoral Supervision:
  • 2012: University Award for Excellence in Learning and Teaching:
  • 2009: University Award for Enhancing the Student Learning Experience:

Research Groups

Department of History

Research Projects

Department of History

Research Interests

  • History of Theology
  • Medieval intellectual history
  • Monastic Life
  • Spiritual and Material Culture of the High Middle Ages
  • Medieval Science


Authored book

Chapter in book

  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2017). Anselm of Canterbury. In Christian Theologies of Salvation: A Comparative Introduction. Justin S. Holcomb New York University Press. 124-142.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2017). Scripture and the changing culture of theology in the High Middle Ages. In Producing Christian Culture: Medieval Exegesis and Its Interpretative Genres. Gasper, Giles E. M., Watson, Francis & Matthew Crawford Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge. 117-144.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2017). Theology at Le Bec. In A Companion to the Abbey of Le Bec in the Central Middle Ages (11th-13th Centuries). Pohl, Benjamin & Gathagan, Laura L. Leiden Boston: Brill. 13: 206-227.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2016). Orderic Vitalis, Historical Writing and a Theology of Reckoning. In Orderic Vitalis: Life, Works and Interpretations. Rozier, Charles C., Roach, Daniel, Gasper, Giles E. M. & van Houts, Elisabeth Boydell and Brewer. 247-259.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2016). The Fulfillment of Science: Nature, Creation and Man in the Hexaemeron of Robert Grosseteste. In Robert Grosseteste and the pursuit of Religious and Scientific learning in the Middle-Ages. Cunningham, Jack P. & Hocknull, M. Cham: Springer. 221-242.
  • Tanner, B. K., Bower, R. G., McLeish, T. C. B. & Gasper, Giles E. M. (2016). Unity and Symmetry in the De Luce of Robert Grosseteste. In Robert Grosseteste and the Pursuit of Religious and Scientific learning in the Middle-Ages. Cunningham, Jack P. & Hocknull, M. Springer. 18: 3-20.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2015). Contemplating Money and Wealth in Monastic Writing c.1060-c.1160. In Money and the Church in Medieval Europe, 1000-1200: Practice, Morality and Thought. Gasper, Giles E. M. & Gullbekk, Svein H. Farnham: Ashgate. 39-76.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2015). Money and the Church: Definitions, Disciplines and Directions. In Money and the Church in Medieval Europe, 1000-1200: Practice, Morality and Thought. Gasper, Giles E. M. & Gullbekk, Svein H. Farnham: Ashgate. 3-16.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2014). Between Dialectic and the Sacred Scripture: Anselm of Canterbury and the Bible. In Prayer and Thought in Monastic Tradition: essays in honour of Benedicta Ward SLG. Bhattacharji, Santha, Williams, Rowan & Mattos, Dominic London: Bloomsbury T&T Clark. 181-195.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. & McKinnell, John S. (2014). Introduction. In Ambition and Anxiety: Courts and Courtly Discourse, c.700-1600. Gasper, Giles E. M. & McKinnell, John S. Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies & Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Durham University. 1-16.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2014). The Beauty of Creation. In Anselmo e la ‘nuova’ Europa. Cipollone, G. & Boari, M.S. Rome: Gregorian and Biblical Press. 41-56.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. & Logan, Ian (2012). Anselm: A Portrait in Refraction. In Saint Anselm of Canterbury and His Legacy. 1-25.
  • Gasper, Giles E.M. (2012). Tractarian Echoes: Michael Ramsey and the Anglican Responses to Anselm of Canterbury. In Saint Anselm of Canterbury and His Legacy. Gasper, Giles & Logan, Ian Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies, Toronto Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Durham University. 341-359.
  • Gasper, Giles E. M. (2007). A northern monastic sermon collection. In Treasures of Durham University Library. Gameson, R. London: Third Millenium. 42-43.
  • Gasper, Giles E.M. (2006). An Anglican Anselm. In Anselm and Abelard: Investigations and Juxtapositions. Gasper, Giles E.M. & Kohlenberger, H. Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies. 103-117.
  • Gasper, G (2001). Towards a theology of light in the twelfth-century renaissance. In Outside Archaeology: Material Culture and Poetic Imagination. M. Henig and C. Finn British Archaeological Reports International Series 999: Oxford. 21-27.
  • Gasper, G (2000). The Norman arrow finds a ready target. In Not Angels But Anglicans: The Story of Christianity in the British Isles. H. Chadwick Norwich: Canterbury Press.

Edited book

Journal Article

Translated Chapter in Book

  • Giles E. M. Gasper & Charles C. Rozier (trans.) (2016). 'Archaeological Investigations at the Abbey of Saint-Evroult-Notre-Dame-des-Bois by Anne-Sophie Vigot '. In Orderic Vitalis: Life, Works and Interpretations. Roach, Daniel, Rozier, Charles C., Gasper, Giles E. M. & van Houts, Elisabeth (ed.). Boydell and Brewer. 375-384

Full Executive Committee

Our Full Executive Committee is made up of the Core Executive Committee, listed above, plus a number of executive members including:

International Advisory Board

We are extremely fortunate to have be able to call on the help and guidance of colleagues from around the world who help to shape and guide our direction, strategy and international reach. Our current Advisory Board members are: