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Durham University

Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS)

Staff and Governance

Core Staff

The day-to-day running of IMEMS is the responsibility of the Core Executive Committee, comprising the Director and Associate Directors and the Administrator. 

Publication details for Prof Brian Tanner

Howard, L. E. M. Nguyen, H. L. Giblin, S. R., Tanner, B. K. , Terry, I. , Hughes, A. K. & Evans, J. S. O. (2005). A synthetic route to size-controlled fcc and fct FePt nanoparticles. Journal of the American Chemical Society 127(29): 10140-10141.

Author(s) from Durham


We report here a new synthetic route to FePt nanoparticles using a stoichiometric mixture of Na2Fe(CO)4 and Pt(acac)2. The structure of FePt nanoparticles, their size, chemical composition, and magnetic property can be controlled by various synthetic parameters, such as the solvent type, nature, and molar ratio of surfactants and stabilizers, synthesis temperature, and purification process. Partially ordered fct (L10) nanoparticles with room temperature magnetic coercivity can be synthesized directly in tetracosane solution at 389 C. The fcc FePt synthesized in nonadecane can be transformed into the magnetically important fct phase at 430 C without significant particle sintering.


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Full Executive Committee

Our Full Executive Committee is made up of the Core Executive Committee, listed above, plus a number of executive members including:

International Advisory Board

We are extremely fortunate to have be able to call on the help and guidance of colleagues from around the world who help to shape and guide our direction, strategy and international reach. Our current Advisory Board members are: