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Dr Mandy Green

Contact Dr Mandy Green (email at


Mandy Green was a student at Durham where she read English and Latin, Joint Honours, and continued at Durham for her postgraduate studies. Her research interests centre on classical presences in English literature with a particular focus on Ovid and Milton.

Her monograph, Milton’s Ovidian Eve, looks at the ways in which Milton appropriates narrative structures, verbal echoes and literary strategies from the Metamorphoses – not least Ovid’s own central metaphor of continuous transformation – to create a subtly evolving portrait of the first woman, Eve.The book proceeds by a series of unfolding explorations of Eve, examining her alignment with a range of mythological figures from a number of different vantage points. These metamorphic moments, when one mythological figuration effortlessly melts into another, generate an exciting sense of dynamic provisionality about Eve; they become a way of enacting or expressing subtly shifting states of mind and feeling, imparting a sense of psychological depth and authenticity to her responses, which are always in process, moment by moment, rather than fixed and formulated from the outset. Paradise Lost’s complex interplay with the Metamorphoses affects a reading of crucial, defining moments in the narrative and challenges preconditioned responses to the poem, which have derived from easy suppositions about Milton’s attitude to women, pagan mythology and Ovid himself. This study stands at the intersection of a number of seventeenth century cultural contexts and discourses, most notably, gender relations and intertextuality.

Mandy Green is a member of the Centre for the Study of the Classical Tradition, the Centre for Visual Arts and Cultures and the Institute of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Durham. She is also a member of the British Milton Seminar and reviews titles for the Modern Language Review, Milton Quarterly, Classical Review and the Review of English Studies. She acts as a referee for Milton Studies and is an Associate Editor for the International Journal of the Arts in Society.

Dr Green has supervised research on seventeenth-century drama, poetry and translations, and would welcome students with research interests in early modern English literature and comparative literature.


Authored book

Book review

  • Green, Mandy (2015). Vincenzo Cartari's Images of the Gods of the Ancients. Milton Quarterly 49: 294-297.
  • Green, Mandy (2013). Milton and Ovid. The Classical Review 63(2): 597-598.
  • Green, Mandy (2012). Milton's Messiah: The Son of God in the Works of John Milton . Modern Language Review 107(2): 611-612.
  • Green, Mandy (2009). Milton, Evil and Literary History. The Yearbook of English Studies 39(1): 202-3.
  • Green, Mandy (2008). The Age of Milton and the Scientific Revolution. Modern Language Review 103(4): 1107-8.

Chapter in book

Edited book

Journal Article


  • Green, Mandy (2017), 'Content with these British Islands as my World': Milton's Neo-Latin Poetry and the Search for a Fit Audience, Society for Neo-Latin Studies Neo-Latin Literary Perspectives on Britain and Ireland. Churchill College Cambridge.
  • Green, Mandy (2017), "Mortal Change": Life after Death in Milton's Paradise, Eleventh International Milton Symposium. Exeter University.
  • Green, Mandy (2017), Milton's Global Reach, British Council, Tokyo.
  • Green, Mandy (2016), 'Image Making and Breaking: Eve as "Goddess Humane", Haifa University.
  • Green, Mandy (2015), Eve and the Reader in Paradise Lost, Renaissance Society of America. Berlin.
  • Green, Mandy (2015), The Work-Life Balance: Milton and the Rehabilitation of Otium, Cities and Citizens (IMEMS). Durham University.
  • Green, Mandy (2012), 'Joy and Harmles Pastime': Milton and Ovidian Leisure, Tenth International Milton Symposium. Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo.
  • Green, Mandy (2011), The Neo-Latin Poems for Charles Diodati, British Milton Seminar. Birmingham and Midland Institute.