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Dr Jane Heath

Contact Dr Jane Heath (email at j.m.f.heath@durham.ac.uk)

Jane Heath completed her undergraduate education in Classics at Oxford, and then studied for a Diploma and Doctorate in Theology at Cambridge, focusing on Biblical Studies. Her doctoral thesis, subsequently published as Paul's Visual Piety, explored Paul's visual practices of piety and their association with personal formation in relation to God and neighbour. It drew on methods first developed in sociology and Visual Studies, which at that time had not yet been received in Biblical Studies. Her research since then has focused on Clement of Alexandria. There are two projects: the first concerns how Clement inhabited the scholarly culture of learned, lengthy prose writing of the Roman Empire as a Christian. It explores Clement's so-called 'miscellanism' alongside Pliny, Plutarch, Gellius and Athenaeus in order to understand what it means to call Clement a Christian miscellanist. The second project concerns Clement and Christian formation. It looks more closely at how Clement actually planned a project in Christian formation, including the formation of the imagination, of taste, and of ideals.

Dr. Heath has taught biblical studies in Higher Education since 2008, especially Johannine literature, but also James, Matthew, Revelation, and Visuality. She can supervise research dissertations that connect Visual Studies and the New Testament, or that engage closely with Classical literature and culture, or Clement of Alexandria.

Research Interests

  • Bible in Christian formation
  • Classics and Theology
  • New Testament
  • Patristics, esp. Clement of Alexandria
  • Scripture, art, theology


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