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Dr Marcus Pound

Contact Dr Marcus Pound (email at m.j.p.pound@durham.ac.uk)

I am an Senior Tutor and Associtae Professor of Contempoary Theoplogy. My interests are found at the intersection of theology and continental philosophy, in particular psychoanalysis in the tradition of Jacques Lacan. I currently teach an MA course: '20th Century Catholic Theologians' for the MA in Theology, pathway in Catholic Theology.

 I have a number of current post-graduate research students working in areas including: ecumenism, negative hermeneutics, mental health services and faith communities, Leo Strauss, Methodist oversight, and I have supervised PhDs on ‘The Social Philosophy of Gillian Rose’, 'The Works of Mercy: Towards a liturgical politics of the everyday', 'The Theology of Work: Chenu and Cardijn', 'Negative Theology: Žižek and pseudo-Dionysius', 'Hegel and Millennarianism: toward a theology of liberation', 'Catholic Social Thought and the Red Tory', and 'Kierkegaard and the Ressourcement Movement'

Research Supervision


Chapter in book

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  • Pound, Marcus (2007). Lacan, Metaphysics, and Belief. In Belief and Metaphysics. Chandler (Jr), Peter & Cunningham, Conor SCM. 413-425.

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