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Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies


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Professor David Greer, MA (Oxon), MusD (Dublin), FRSA

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Before coming to the Chair of Music at Durham in 1986 I taught at Birmingham University, Queen's University Belfast, and Newcastle University. I have also spent time in America on visiting fellowships. My publications cover topics from the late fifteenth to the twentieth century, but my main focus has been on English music of the Elizabethan and Jacobean periods, including editions by Dowland and others of that time. I have always had an interest in relationships between music and literature, and my articles have been published in literary as well as musical journals. After retiring from full-time teaching in 2001 I continued working part-time in the Music Department until I was 70. Since then I have devoted myself entirely to research and publication, work which has benefited from further fellowships at the Huntington Library in California and the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington DC.

As a university teacher I taught almost everything in the syllabus, from analysis to fugue, from Gregorian chant to Stravinsky. I also supervised PhD students and ran an MA course in Research Techniques. Earlier in my career I was active in university music making. At Birmingham, as well directing an early music group, I conducted modern music by composers such as Webern, Varèse and Stravinsky, and performances of new works. In Belfast and Newcastle I conducted the University Orchestra and Choir, and was a regular guest conductor with the Ulster Orchestra.

Last year (2015) saw the publication of my book Manuscript Inscriptions in Early English Printed Music, a study of the multifarious ways in which early owners used their copies, based on a study of the markings they made in them (Awarded the 2016 C.B. Oldman Prize by the International Association of Music Libraries). And this year, in celebration of Shakespeare's quater-centenary, I have brought out Seven Songs from the Age of Shakespeare, hitherto unpublished songs which I found in the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C.


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Editor, Journal (formerly Proceedings) of the Royal Musical Association, 103-115 (1977-1990)

Sleeve notes

Harty, Violin Concerto, John Field Suite, Londonderry Air, Water Music, Variations on a Dublin Air: Chandos DBR 2001 (1979)
Harty, Irish Symphony, Comedy Overture: Chandos ABRD 1027 (1981)
Harty, Piano Concerto, In Ireland, With the Wild Geese: Chandos ABRD 1084 (1983)
Hamilton Harty and His Orchestral Music, booklet with Chandos DBRD 4002 (1983); repr. as Hamilton Harty: Orchestral Music, 3 booklets with CHAN 7035(3) (1996)
Harty, Comedy Overture, Fantasy Scenes (from an Eastern Romance), Piano Concerto: Naxos 8.557731 (2005)

Reviews in: Music and Letters, The Musical Times, Early Music, Theatre Research, Notes and Queries, Shakespeare Quarterly, Times Higher Education Supplement, Renaissance Quarterly, Notes

Research Interests

  • British and Irish music of the 19th and 20th centuries
  • British music of the 16th and 17th centuries
  • Music and poetry